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Temperature Sensors: A Brief Note About Different Types of Temperature Sensore

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Different Type of Temperature Sensors For Temperature Measurement

redsq About Temperature Sensors An information repository on devices that measure Temperature. About Temperature Sensors

redsq Temperature Sensors / Solid State 
Temperature sensor IC Manufacturers:
Andigilog | Dallas Semiconductor | Maxim | National Semiconductor |

redsq Find a Sensor.com Find and research sensors, and temperature sensor suppliers categorized by area of use. Read real information on how to measure almost anything! findasensor.com

redsq WIKA Instruments Ltd. – Alltemp Sensors – Manufacturer of thermocouple/RTD sensors, explosion-proof assemblies, and thermowells. Other products include: temperature transmitters, temperature & pressure gauges, wire & cable, instrumentation, connectors, jack panels, and switches.Wika

redsq GlobalSpec.com Temperature Sensors, Heaters, Controls & Instrumentation – Product links globalspec.com

redsq Omega Engineering UK Thermocouples, RTD’s, Non-Contact IR, Instrumentation, Connectors, Wire, and Heaters. Omega.co.uk

redsq Process Index This directory contains links to hundreds of suppliers of temperature sensors, industrial instrumentation, measurement, control, and automation products for use in industrial applications. processindex.com

redsq Sensor Land This site contains links and information on all types of sensors including temperature. “The World of Sensors and Data Systems”  Sensor Land

redsq Thermometrics Corp. RTD Temperature Sensors / Elements, Thermocouples, Thermowells & Accessories. Visit the “Catalog Areas”, full of useful information; charts / tables / data. Thermometrics Corp.

redsq SensorTech, Inc. RTDs, Thermocouples, Transmitters, Specialty Probes, & Accessories SensorTech, Inc.

redsq Surface Thermometers 

PTC® is the World Leader in Surface Thermometers.
Pacific Transducer Corp.

redsq Lakeshore Cryotronics – Sensors, Controllers, Bridges..more Lake Shore temperature sensors set the standard for precision and accuracy across a wide range of applications and temperatures from near absolute zero to 1000 °C  Lakeshore.com

redsq Moore Industries Temperature Transmitters – Process Control Instrumentation Moore Industries

redsq New England Temperature Solutions Representatives and Distributors of Temperature Control Products. NETS

redsq Dickson Manufacturers of temperature and humidity recording and monitoring instruments, including – sensors, data loggers, chart recorders, and handheld instrumentation. Dickson

redsq Thermocouples / Thermistors / RTD’s Sheaths, Instrumentation & Design Guide! Peak Sensors

redsq Thermocouples – Industrial Pyrometer and Supply Co., the world’s oldest manufacturer of thermocouple and extension lead wires. “Thermocouples are what we do!!” Industrial Pyrometer and Supply Co.

redsq Thermocouples – Conventional, Refractory, and Ceramic sheaths. Multiple sheathed, Bare Wire Thermocouples, Thermowells, Protection tubes, Ceramic insulators, Flexible ribbons & more. Nanmac Corp.

redsq Marchi Systems – Formerly known as Marchi Associates – Custom manufacturers of thermocouples, heaters, and specialized thermal controls Marchi Systems

redsq Hart Scientific Instruments for the calibration and testing of thermometers and temperature sensors.Hart Scientific

redsq Automated Resistance Thermometry Bridge 

The 6010B has been recognized as the worlds leading automated resistance/thermometry bridge by standards laboratories throughout the world”.Measurements International

redsq Temperature Calibration – Products & Services Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Fixed point cells, Dry calibration blocks, and more.Isothermal Technology Ltd.

redsq Thermoelectric cooling and heating – Intro. to Thermoelectrics, FAQ’s & more.Tellurex Corp.

redsq Infrared Thermometers: Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Temperature Measurement.

Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers:
Heitronics | IRCON | Land Infrared | Mikron | Raytek

redsq Metris – Global supplier of IR thermometers for scientific, professional, academic, and personal applications
Metris Instruments

Also learn about the best indoor outdoor thermometer reviews, the best-infrared thermometer, and the best meat thermometer reviews.

redsq Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

RTD Instrumentation Requirements – Contents; RTD Basics, Measurement Circuits, Instrumentation, RTD and Instrumentation Accuracy & Other Accuracy Issues.
By Tom Hayden and Joel Roop, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Test and Measurement.com

RTD Manufacturers:
Honeywell | Minco | MTI | Pyromation | RDF | Rosemount | Sensor Scientific | Sensycon | Tayco | Weed Instruments |

redsq Medical Temperature Probes

Catheter, Needle, Ventilator, Infant, Neonatal, Intensive Care & more.
Exacon Scientific – Roskilde, Denmark

redsq Capillary and Rod Thermostats

Capillary and Rod Thermostat Manufacturers:
Cotherm | Thermtrol | Vulcan Electric

redsq Bimetal Thermostats (snap action)

Managing Heat with Snap-Acting Bimetal Thermostats
An excellent resource for bimetal thermostat users
Synergy Sager

Bimetal discs and Manufacturing equipment
Bimetal snap-action discs for thermostats and similar applications
Bimetal snap-action disc production systems

Bimetal Thermostat Manufacturers:
Airpax | Asahi Keiki | Electrovac | Therm-O-Disc | Thermtrol | Heng Feng | Kidde-Fenwal | Matsou | Ningbo Yuanfang | NGT Controls | Texas Instruments / Klixon | Wako Electronics (USA), Inc.

redsq Thermistors

Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors Part 1: Characteristics, Materials, and Configurations

Thermistor Manufacturers:

Advanced Thermal Products | Alpha Sensors | Betatherm | Fenwal Electronics | Precision Engineering Ltd. | Quality Thermistor | Sensor Scientific | Shibaura Electronics | Therm-O-disc | Thermometrics | Western Electronic Components | YSI thermistors

redsq Heaters – Heating elements and systems for outdoor cabinets, enclosures, and kiosks. Caliente

redsq Heaters Dekko Heating Technologies | Heatron | Minco | Watlow | Vulcan Electric

redsq Instrument Society of America, Product Listing Listing of Manufacturers Temperature Sensors, Calibrators, Controllers, Regulators, Indicators, Switches, Transmitters…more.

redsq Thermal Analysis Instrumentation Thermo Electron | Perkin-Elmer | Setaram | TA Instruments | | METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analysis Systems | NETZSCH Instruments |

redsq Thermal management products that dissipate unwanted heat in electronic and electrical components and systems. AAVID Thermal Technologies | Chip Coolers | Wakefield Engineering

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