Nest Thermostat E Wiring Diagram

Nest Thermostat E Wiring Diagram

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Google has a reputation for producing products to improve our lives. The most popular tech giant has also made its debut into the electronic appliances niche with its amazing thermostat, the Google Nest.

Believe our words. The Google Nest is one of the best thermostats in the market. On top of that, Google has released different models of the Nest for different house types and for different purposes. The Nest thermostat E is a pretty good one, in our opinion.

If you’re willing to buy one already, you might be looking for the Nest thermostat E wiring diagram to get a better idea of how to install it in your house. Honestly, it isn’t anything complicated, but getting a better idea of the wiring will certainly help you while setting the device up.

After all, the Nest will be regulating the temperature of your house. So, if you want to know how the Nest Thermostat E works, how you can install it, and get a complete diagram of the wiring system, stay tuned till the end of this write-up.

How the Nest Thermostat E Works?

The Nest thermostat, like any other digital thermostat, has the ability to regulate the overall temperature of the entire house. It has a touch screen display where you can select the desired temperature and sit back and relax!

Google has produced a few models of the Nest, and the Nest thermostat E is one of the best because of its more affordable price and the way it looks.

The Nest Thermostat E can be used using your smartphone or tablet, basically, any smart device using the Nest app, so you can control the temperature of your house with far more convenience.

This amazing temperature regulating device can keep your house cool or warm depending on what the weather demands. The thermostat has a built-in thermometer that can sense the temperature of the house and adjust it according to the temperature you select.

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What Makes the Nest E Special?

With the 3rd Gen Nest being present in the market, you might be thinking, why should you buy the Nest E? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons for that.

It features a lot of the things you get in the 3rd Gen one, but at a lower price. Features like ready-to-go schedule, compatibility with all smartphones as well as smart home devices, energy-saving abilities, Nest home network, etc., are what make the Nest E stand out.

How to Install It?

Installing the Nest Thermostat E is actually pretty simple. But the first thing we need to make sure of is if your house has an HVAC system. An HVAC system is the heating-ventilating-air-conditioning system of your house.

Most houses have it, so it should not be an issue. However, not all thermostats are compatible with all kinds of HVAC systems. So before you go ahead and buy the thermostat E, make sure that the HVAC’s wiring matches with it.

We will be providing the nest thermostat E wiring diagram to help you understand whether it will be compatible or not.

After you have installed the device to the HVAC system of your house, you now have to set up the app. Honestly, it is just all in the app for controlling the temperature of your house.

Power on the device and turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi network. You will be required to download the Nest app, and then the devices will be connected. Running the entire process of setting up should not take anything longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

After setting up the app, you can use it to set your desired temperature and leave it to the thermostat to maintain that temperature throughout the day.

Nest Thermostat E Wiring Diagram

Before you take a look at the wiring diagram, there are a few things you need to know about the wiring of the heat link of the Nest thermostat E.

If you already owned a thermostat, you need to check whether that one had more than two wires. In case it did, you will have to identify them in order to finish the installation process correctly.

Find the OpenTherm wires of the current thermostat (OT1 & OT2) or the Common wire and Normally Open wire (C and NO wires). Once found, attach them to the heat link and see if there are any extra wires. If so, attach them to the terminal blocks.

To help you identify wires and make it easier to install the heat links of your Thermostat E, here is a table of the wire systems of different thermostat models and brands (if you already own one).

Thermostat Brand or Model Nest C Wire Nest NO Wire
Busch-Jaeger Raumtemperaturregler L 1 (up arrow)
Danfoss RET 230NSB, 230VF, 230VF2 2 3
Danfoss TP9000 L* 4
Eberle RTR-E 3502 6 2
Eberle RTR 9121 1 2
Heatmiser neoStat A2 L
Heatmiser neoStat-e V2 Load L
Heatmiser neoStat V2 A2 A1
Heatmiser Slimline A2 L
Hive SLR1 1 3
Honeywell BDR91 A B
Honeywell DT90 2 1
Honeywell R6660D A
(5th terminal from the left)
(6th terminal from the left)
Gira Raumtemperatur-Regler 0390, 0391, 0392, 0393, 0394, 0396, 0397 L (wave icon)
Honeywell  T6360, T4360B, T4360E 1 3
Honeywell  T4360D 1* 2
Potterton PRT 2 2 3
Heatmiser neoStat-12v V2 A2 A1
Danfoss RET 230, 230C, 230F, 230L L 3
Danfoss RMT 230, 230T 1 2
Drayton (Invensys) RTS, RTS1, RTS2, RTS3 L 3
Drayton Combistat L 3
Drayton Lifestyle ETS1 2 1
Eberle RTR-E 6121, 6124 1 2

Now that we have covered that let’s take a look at the nest thermostat E wiring diagram to get the most accurate idea of how the wiring is and how you should install it.

The above diagram shows the wiring system on the Nest Thermostat E. You can see where the wires are in the thermostat itself, which gives you an understanding of the device’s wiring.

And this one is the diagram of the wiring with the house’s HVAC system. This diagram should help you understand how you will have to install the Nest E so you don’t fall into any kind of confusion.

Final Words

We hope us providing the nest thermostat E wiring diagram and the table of common and normally open wires was helpful to you.

Be sure to check all the wires and check to see if the HVAC system in your house is compatible with the Nest thermostat E. Since you have decided to purchase the Nest E, we are assuming it is compatible with the HVAC system.

If you face any trouble installing the Nest E, we recommend asking for help from a professional who knows his/her way around these electronic devices.

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