How to Raise Body Temperature

How to Raise Body Temperature? 7 Effective Ways

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Sometimes you will be faced with situations where you are suffering from cold and your body is just not heating up to the amount you need it to, to feel comfortable.

Some of these situations are when you go hiking on snowy mountains, travel to cold countries, or just suffer from cold on a freezing winter night. You will need to know how to raise body temperature to survive in such situations.

Usually, depending on your health, your body should be regulating a sufficient amount of heat for you. But if it does not, then you should know about the various ways to raise temperature yourself. You can also check how to reduce body temperature?

How to Raise Body Temperature

You can raise your body temperature every time you suffer from cold around you through the following ways

1. Doing Exercise

It is true that the main reason people do exercise is to lose weight or gain a more muscular body. Exercise helps you become stronger and more active physically. It helps with creating higher metabolism inside your body, too. These are the popular reasons everyone does exercise for.

Aside from these, exercising also helps to warm up your body. Whenever you exercise, you will sweat and your temperature will rise along with your breathing speed.

This is because your heart is beating much faster, thus pumping blood way quicker to let the oxygen circulate increase inside your body.

After increasing your body temperature you can use an infrared thermometer to measure temperature.

2. Bedding

Having a warm and toasty bed to get into during a cold winter night at the end of the day is always the best part of the day. You finally get to relax your muscles and stay warm under the blankets for the night. To make sure your bed is extra warm, you can change the sheets, blankets, and other things on it.

bed is extra warm

Make sure the bed sheets and pillow covers are very thick and made of woolen fabric since wool stays warm. Try getting multiple pillows of different sizes to place around you on the bed while you are sleeping.

And for the sleeping mattress used for your bedding, get one made of polyurethane foam material, since they change along with your body temperature to keep you warm. Altogether, this should help create more insulation and warm you up in no time.

3. Spa Therapy

Spa therapy includes going to a spa, sauna, or having a long therapeutic bath at home. Depending on what you are in the mood for and what you can afford, you can choose any, since they all help regulate more body heat.

Usually, a spa or sauna is used to help release the tension built up in your muscles. But since most spa activities are done with heat, it will automatically heat your body up and help you relax.

Spa Therapy

A cheaper way to do spa therapy is at home in your bathtub. You can buy a bath bomb or bath salts and dump them in the tub. Then, run warm water in the tub till it is full enough.

You can even add scented candles to get the aromatherapy that you get in spas. Close the bathroom door to not let the heat escape. Then take a long relaxing bath in the tub till you are all warmed up, before going to bed.

4. Dryer Machine

Sometimes, when you are about to change your clothes, be it for indoor or outdoor reasons, the clothes that were in your closet or wardrobe will most likely be cold. This is because they have not been worn for many hours and cold air has already touched them.

If you want to have your change of clothes be warm before you put them on, then we recommend you toss them in a dryer machine. The dryer machine is generally used to dry wet clothes after you wash them in a washing machine.

But the same trick can be used for warming up clothes since the dryer machine uses hot air to dry clothes. Let them tumble around in there for a minute or two. Then, you can wear your clothes and feel how warm they are.

5. Socks

Feet are known to be the core part of your body that regulates body temperature. If your feet are freezing cold, your body will copy that and you will feel cold all over. But if your feet are warm, you will notice a big change in your body temperature rising from the bottom of your soles all the way up to your body.


To keep your feet warm, there are multiples ways. The common ones are having a warm footbath or wearing socks before going to bed. A footbath basically involves a small bucket filled with warm water, in which you soak your feet for a while so that your body heat starts regulating fast.

You can then dry them up and go to bed. For socks to wear to bed, choose thick fuzzy ones made of wool. It should keep your body warm enough that you might not even need a blanket.

6. Clothes

When you are going outside during a cold day, always make sure to wear multiple layers of clothing. If it is snowing heavily outside, then you obviously have to wear snow gear if you have to walk in the snow. You can take off the snow gear when you are indoors.


But on a general cold day, do not forget to wear a scarf, gloves, and a woolen cap. The cold will affect your neck, ears, and hands the quickest and make it difficult for your body to increase body heat. You can also wear a soft fabric face mask to cover your nose and cheeks from the cold.

7. Diet

You need to get the right calories and food in your system if you want a proper amount of body heat to be produced. Foods with lots of iron and vitamins will become the fuel that helps raise the temperature of your body. Eating warm and spicy foods will warm you up in seconds.

But in general, to keep your body warm, you do not have to eat everything warm or cooked in spices. Various fruits, grains, and vegetables will help too.

Some of the helpful ones are lean meats, brown rice, green tea, coconut oil, whole grains, oatmeal, ginger, complex carbs, dairy, bananas, fish, nuts, etc. These are the notable ones that will give you the right nutrition you need in general. They will also raise your body heat.

Final Words

The cold weather, be it indoors or outdoors, takes a toll on your body if it can’t get enough heat. And the various ways on how to raise body temperature through dressing right, eating right, and doing other activities will no doubt work.

Your body type, weight, height, etc. will not matter at all, because the above techniques are very simple and universal. They can help all kinds of people warm up.

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