How to Fix a Beyblade – A Complete Guide

Although Beyblades are hardy and durable toys, they are not indestructible especially with the intensity that their battles bring on the table. Their components suffer abuses and stresses, when they collide with each other, causing them to chip, crack, smash, or get damaged. Your success or failure of Beyblade battles solely depends on the condition of the Beyblade, which underlines the importance of fixing them.

Beyblade comes mainly with three components namely energy wheel, forge disc, and performance tip. The energy wheel is responsible for getting into contact with other Beyblades during battles; forge disc affects its movement and weight, while a performance tip affects its speed and stamina. You must ensure that all your Beyblade components are in good shape to optimize its performance.

The good thing is that with superglue and solder, you can easily repair broken plastic Beyblade components. Read on to find out everything you need to know about fixing a Beyblade.

How to Fix a Beyblade

Assemble Beyblade

Assess its Condition

Just like a doctor examines you before offering his or her treatment, you should do the same when fixing your Beyblade. Assessing the Beyblade will not only help you know the component that you need to fix but also whether the Beyblade has additional problems that need to be solved. Assessing your Beyblade should be a walk in the park; all you need to do is examine its condition.

During the assessment, look for cracks and signs of chipping, examine whether the Beyblade is missing any component, and carry out tests whether it is performing as it should. Once you have done your assessment, you should consider whether the components need fixing or replacement. This will solely depend on the level of damage that each component has.

How to Fix a Beyblade Video Guide:

Disassemble the Beyblade

To fix your Beyblade, you must first disassemble it to gain total access to the broken component. Disassembling a Beyblade should not be a hard nut to crack; all you are required to do is unscrew the screws that hold it together to detach its components. Using a head screwdriver will ease the work of unscrewing your Beyblade’s screws.

Remember to disassemble your Beyblade cautiously to avoid losing any broken parts or screws needed during fixing and avoid causing further damage. When disassembling, note where and how the different Beyblade components join and are screwed together, because you will be required to assemble it after repair. Beyblade components should disassemble easily and freely once you do it right, avoid forcing components to disassemble, to avoid causing damages.

Join the Broken Parts

To fix broken Beyblade components, you will have to fit the parts together just like in jigsaw puzzles. Just try fitting the broken parts together by comparing their cracks to see if they match. In case the crack matches and no large part of the component are missing, you could use superglue, if plastic, and a soldering gun, if metallic, to fit them together.

If there is a large broken part of the component that is missing, you will have to replace the whole component because gluing or soldering them together won’t work. To ensure that the Beyblade works for a long time, you will have to use high quality, quick-drying, and fast-acting glue. Apply the glue on the broken part and hold the fragments together until the superglue dries.

Ask help from an adult or a soldering expert when joining broken metallic fragments of your Beyblade. Also, use a holder to hold the two broken fragments into place, to ensure precise soldering. Start by soldering one part of the component, let it cool for a minute or two, and then solder it on the other side.

If the component is beyond repair, instead of joining the parts replace it with a new component. Buy new Beyblade components from reputable sources that sell top-quality accessories to avoid incurring losses. The good thing is that there are very many companies that sell Beyblade parts around the world; all you need to do is thorough research and weed through the reviews of different sources.

Clean the Beyblade

Clean Beyblade

After applying glue, you must let the broken component to rest for ten minutes to give glue the time to bind the two broken fragments together and create a strong bond. In the process of applying glue to the broken fragments, it is inevitable that they will accumulate dirt and excess glue. A dirty Beyblade will, in turn, give you a hard time during the assembling process, increase its chances of damage, and affect its performance.

To clean the excess glue, just grind it off using an emery board while ensuring that you don’t scratch its body. Use a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt that might have accumulated on the component during fixing. When doing so, ensure you handle the glue with care to avoid it from coming into contact with your fingers, skin, and eyes, as it is a strong adhesive and hard to remove.

Assemble the Beyblade

After ensuring that the broken parts are bound together, you will have to assemble the Beyblade. Ensure that every component returns back to its original place and screw it using a head screwdriver. If you had paid attention when disassembling the Beyblade, assembling it back together should not be a hard thing to do.

After assembling your Beyblade, you must try spinning it with its launcher to observe whether it is in a good question. In case it does, you can continue using it in battles; however, if it breaks yet again, consider replacing the damaged component. It is not advisable to participate in battles with a repaired Beyblade.

Taking Care of Your Beyblade

As the old adage says, prevention is better than cure. Taking good care of your Beyblade will not only save your time and energy but also help you prevent incurring additional repair costs. Outlined below are some of the essential tips that you could use while taking care of your Beyblade, to prevent damage.

Avoid Throwing, Stepping, or Dropping Your Beyblade:

Although Beyblades are solely meant to destroy each other during battles, that doesn’t mean that you should be careless with them. Some of their components are made of plastic and metal materials which wear and tear with constant stress and abuse.

To prevent your Beyblade from wearing and tearing avoid throwing, stepping or dropping it.

Use Different Launchers for Different Beyblades:

Beyblade launchers are meant to withstand certain weights. There are therefore some launchers that cannot withstand Beyblades with a certain Using one launcher on Beyblades of different weights will not only wear out but also destroy their mechanism.

Buy several high quality launchers which you can use when launching your Beyblades and take good care of them as they are an important Beyblade accessory.

Avoid Launching Them on Concrete:

As stated earlier, although Beyblades are hardy, they are prone to wear and tear. Launching them on concrete or hard surfaces will only accelerate the wear and tear. Avoid launching your Beyblades on the hard surfaces to minimize the level of damage and increase its lifespan.

Carry out Occasional Inspection and Repair:

Beyblades are bound to wear and tear as they battle with each other. Carrying out occasional inspections will help you arrest any small damage before it accelerates to a more serious problem. After noticing the damages, you must carry out instantaneous repairs to avoid further damages.

Dirt negatively affects the performance of Beyblades by causing damage to its components. This being the case, you should occasionally clean your Beyblades once in a while and store them in a cool dry place, away from children and danger.

Just like Beyblades, beystadiums also need the care to increase their lifespan and reduce wear and tear. To mitigate the problem, always perform occasional inspections and instant repairs using glue or tape when broken and nail polish in case of scratches. For safety reasons, avoid picking spinning Beyblades with bare hands to avoid being hurt. Also, do not launch Beyblades at animals, people, or any item that could break.

Bottom Line

Bearing in mind that Beyblades plays an important role in determining the winner or loser of Beyblades battles. It is always important to ensure that your Beyblade is in the right condition to improve your chances of winning the battle. Besides buying a high quality Beyblade, carrying out occasional inspections, taking care of your toy, and doing instant repairs enables your Beyblade to give value for your money and avert losses.

The good thing about fixing Beyblade problems is that they are not only easy to do on your own, but also do not require many materials. As long as you have a screwdriver to disassemble the toy, high quality glue, and a soldering gun, you are good to go. The tips of fixing a Beyblade outlined above will help you fix your toy effectively, without spending a penny on additional repair costs.

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