CR2025 Battery vs CR2032 Battery

CR2025 Battery vs CR2032 Battery – What is The Difference?

Many people I’ve met seem to be puzzled when it comes to the difference between CR2025 and CR2023. That’s why I decided to write this article- to help you out a bit and clear any possible confusion regarding this issue.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how and when to use these two battery models; all you need to have a bit of patience provided that you want to get to the bottom of this problem. In the following text, I will discuss their features and differences- so if you’re looking for a quick answer, and don’t want to be bothered by technical stuff, you can simply skip to the end of this article! You may like best aa battery review.

Firstly, both CR2025 and CR2023 are very popular types of lithium batteries. Both of them are 3.0 V and non-rechargeable and can often be used for powering watches, car/garage remote keys, medical equipment, toys and other smaller electronic devices. Due to their long shelf life and/or stable voltage they can also be used as memory batteries in camera and computers too.

There is a high demand for both of them, so many manufacturers started producing them. This led to them having different labels, which undoubtedly created more confusion. For example, CR2025 can also be labeled as DL2025, E-CR2025, 5003LC, BR2025 etc.

So, you are probably wondering, can you interchange DL2025 and CR2025? The answer is yes. The only difference between these two is the name (DL vs CR); CR is a generic brand label, while DL comes from Duracell, a famous battery brand. The numbers used in the name of this battery indicate their height and diameter- CR2025 has 20mm in diameter and is 2.5 mm height.

The other features, like cut-off voltage, nominal voltage, storage temperature ranges, capacity etc, depend solely on the chemical components of these batteries. Now, let’s take a look at a CR2025 and a comparison to one of its equivalents.

CR2025 Vs CR2032 Features, Specifications and Use

1. CR2025 Battery- Features, Specifications and How It’s Used

A I mentioned above, CR2025 is a coin cell battery made from lithium, and generally used for portable electronic devices like pocket calculators or hearing aids. Usually, they come in a compact size- 1-6 mm in height, and 5-25mm in diameter. Since, the battery name suggests the thickness and diameter in tenths of millimeters, the typical CR2025 battery will be 2.5mm height and have 20mm in its diameter.

Lithium button batteries are a bit pricey compared to the alkaline ones, but they weigh less and have a wider operating temperature range; and more importantly, they definitely last longer.

Specifications and Run Time

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the specifications of this battery type:

  • Made from Lithium Manganese Dioxide.
  • Nominal Voltage is 3.0V, although it has a 2.0V cut-off voltage.
  • Maximum Current is 0.14A.
  • Typical Capacity (when used) 163 mAh at 20°C with a 15kΩ Load.
  • Service Life (when used) aproximatelly 680 Hrs at 20°C with a 15kΩ Load.
  • Operating temperature from 30°C to 60°C.
  • Non- Rechargeable battery.
  • Self-Discharge (when used) approximately 1% / year.
  • Weight: 0.08 oz. (2.6 grams).

Now, we can calculate the run time of your battery. This is, of course, optional; since most of us don’t have time for these calculations. However, sometimes it is useful to know approximately how long will your battery serve you. It is important to mention that for exact number, we need to have precise information, like discharge current or dynamic load.

We can simplify this calculation by assuming you power a normal load. This should mean that the constant current would be 20mA at 20°C. In this case, the mAh capacity of the battery you use is 163mAh (milliampere per hour). If we are looking at 163mA, your battery will last for one hour; by dividing this number we draw 81.5mA, and a battery that will last twice as the previous one- two hours. However, most devices use only 20mA, so that means your battery should last for 8.15 hours in total.

However, this is not an exact figure. You should take it with a grain of salt and view it more as a ballpark; since we need to know the accurate operating temperature and varying current for a precise calculation. If you found this interesting, you can find a CR2025 datasheet online; it includes a graph which can help you visualise this calculation.

Manufacturers of batteries that you can use to power up a 3V DC motor, often print types of batteries you can replace your purchased battery with, on the package. So it is likely that you came across labels such as: KCR2025, ECR2025, LF12V, 5003LC, LM2025, DL2025B, SB-T14, CR2025-1W and some others. Although, they are often used, the most frequent replaces for the CR2025 is BR2025. So, before we compare CR2025 to CR2032, let’s take a quick look at BR2025.

BR2025 VS CR2025

Like CR2025 and CR2032, the BR2025 is also a non-rechargeable coin cell battery made from Lithium Carbon Monofluoride. Its nominal voltage is 2.8V, which is somewhat lower than the voltage of CR2025 (CR2025 has a 3V nominal voltage). However, the cut-off voltage of the BR2025 is higher for 0.25V.

Although, it should be mentioned that nominal voltage can drop in real-life applications for approximately 0.3V. Leaving us with 2.6 to 2.7V of nominal voltage for BR2025, and 2.7 to 2.8V for CR2025.

With the 130-150 mAh range, BR2025 has a lower capacity than CR2025 (160-170 mAh).

Temperature wise, the BR2025 takes the lead with its range between -30°C and 85°C, since the range of CR2025 falls between -20°C and 70°C.

Since BR2025 battery doesn’t receive high discharge currents well it might not be the best 2025 battery for devices that frequently require large currents. So it CR2025 can make a better fit for remote devices or key-chain flashlights.

However, for devices that require constant voltage supply over a longer period of time; as well as a broad range of temperatures, BR2025 is definitely a more fitting choice than CR2025 battery.

So take into consideration, how often and when will you be using a 2025 battery, since using it wrongly can impact the battery life and your overall satisfaction. Generally speaking, these two batteries don’t have too many differences, unless you use them for some DIY projects that need to meet specific requirements.

2. CR2032 Battery- Features, Specifications and How It’s Used

Now, it’s time to take a look at the features of CR2032 battery. Similarly to CR2025, this battery is also used for small electronic devices, like wrist watchers. It is somewhat larger than CR2025 since it can have between 1 and 6mm in height and 5 to 25mm in diameter. Same as the previously mentioned batteries, the CR2032 also gets its name from its dimensions, measured in tenths of mm (the digit 20 stands for its height and 32 for its thickness)

Specifications and Run Time

We can take a look at the specifications of CR2032 battery and its run time, to fully understand how it works:

  • Made from Lithium Manganese Dioxide.
  • Nominal Voltage is 3.0V.
  • Maximum Current is 0.19A.
  • Typical Capacity (when used) 240 mAh at 20°C with a 15kΩ Load.
  • Service Life (when used) aproximatelly 720 Hrs at 20°C with a 15kΩ Load.
  • Operating temperature from 30°C to 60°C.
  • Non- Rechargeable battery.
  • Self-Discharge (when used) approximately 1% / year.
  • Weight: 0.10 oz. (3 grams).

Since the CR2032 has a larger mAh than CR2025, we can assume that it will have a longer run time.  But, as I mentioned, the battery’s life depends on many parameters. To get the best result we would need to take into consideration discharge current, dynamic loads, temperature and other factors.

However, let’s take the normal load which we used in our previous calculation with CR2025 battery. We used a constant current of 20mA, at a temperature of 20°C. In this case the mAh capacity is 240mAh. Compared to CR2025 (which we calculated to have 163 mAh), that’s a higher capacity for exactly 77mAh.

This means that if do the same thing as we did with CR2025, and draw 240mA, your battery will last for 1 hour, and 120mA for 2 hours. Compared to CR2025, when using a CR2032 you’ll be looking at 4 additional hours of run time; since this battery could last up to 12 hours.

Again, it’s important to mention that this figure is not completely accurate, because we didn’t take into consideration some of the vital elements for getting the exact figure. If you want to compare this visually, there should be a graph online which can help you with that.

CR2025 vs CR2032- What is The Difference?

I know this is what you came for; however, the answer to whether the CR2032 and CR2025 are interchangeable batteries is not that simple. There are some differences between their mAh, but the main difference would be the battery thickness.

As I mentioned, the numbers of these two batteries give you useful information about their size- and in this case a hint to their difference. The CR2025 battery has a diameter of 20mm and a height of 2.5mm, that’s how it got its name 2025.

As you probably guessed, the CR2032 has a diameter measuring 20mm and a height of 3.2mm. Since usually it’s the diameter that matters, when you’re fitting a new button battery, there isn’t much of an issue. There is a high probability that you’ll fit any of these two batteries into an electrical device.

However, keep in mind that  he height difference of 0.7 mm (one 36th of an inch) between these two batteries can sometimes be a problem. Although, this doesn’t sound much, there are some devices that are specially designed for 2025 battery, and simply won’t be able to accept a 2032 battery.

On the other hand, there are also devices that are designed to fit a 2023 battery, so a CR2025 won’t be able to power them up.  There are also devices that are made to fit a 2023 battery but can also accept a 2025; but you can still have a problem with power, since the terminals on the appliances can be loose due to the battery height difference.

Make sure to check on the device manual if you can interchange these two batteries; it can come in handy to have a higher capacity battery (like CR2032), but you also might come across some issues when it comes to fitting it in.

The higher capacity comes from the mAh difference between CR3023 and CR2025. The mAh is short for milliampere per hour. It is used for a number of different things in physics, but when it comes to batteries, it indicates how long can the battery hold its charge for and how long will you be able to use your device before needing to change the battery. Since both CR2032 and CR2025 are non-rechargeable batteries, mAh also indicates longitude of the battery’s life.

With the mAh of 225, CR2032 battery has a slightly higher durability compared to CR2025 (164 mAh). So, in case you want to power up a device you frequently use choosing the CR2032 battery might be the best option.


There is a very small difference between the CR2020 and the CR2032 battery. You will probably notice that some brands state that a CR2032 will have a longer storage life; however, this might not be true, since the only actual difference is in the mAh.

This means that you might get a full 20 hours out of 2032, but it depends on various factors, we cannot predict. I mentioned some of them, when calculating the run time of each battery. The best thing you can do, when it comes to picking batteries is get a larger pack. Not only is it cheaper, but you will be able to easily pop a new one in, without getting stuck with a powerless device.

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