Best Wood Stove Thermometer

The Best Wood Stove Thermometer 2021

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Wood stoves are such a home essential which you need in your cold season. It will keep your family and home warm, reducing the costs. Wood stoves are variable in size and shape. You may shave one in a perfect size for your home. To get the perfect warm feel inside the home, the stove should provide the proper temperature. 

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If you monitor the temperature of your wood stove, you can keep it correct all time. So, you need to find the best wood stove thermometer to keep a balanced temperature in the stove. If there is a low temperature, it will produce creosote and make a hard coating. If there is high heat, it can burn the stove itself or may cause accidents. High heat will waste energy too. Get a correct thermometer and track temperature at a regular interval

Best Wood Stove Thermometer

Finding a suitable wood burning stove thermometer becomes difficult when you see lots of options in the market. When you have a list of all top thermometers, it will be easy to choose one from the shortlist. Here it is presented after deep research. Check the functions and features of the selected ten thermometers and buy one without any worry.

1. Frienda Magnetic Wood Stove Thermometer

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You can minimize the hassle of burning wood by monitoring the temperature of the woodstove. Firenda comes with a gracious thermometer to control the temperature of the wood stove correctly. There are many ways to misuse wood burns. You can reduce it by knowing that the wood stove is working at the right temperature. When you can maintain the temperature inside of the stove, you can efficiently burn all the woods. 

When you can run fire inside the stove at the right temperature, you can use the fuel wisely. It will reduce the fuel cost too. Since there is high heat running inside the wood stove, overheating can occur at any time. If you track the temperature per 15 minutes, you can minimize the chance of overheating. You and your family can be safe from accidents. Installing a stove thermometer is a tough job. 

This thermometer is absolutely easy and simple to install. You have to set it at the top side of the wood stove using the magnetic back. A handy hook lets you put it on the stove or wall of the fuel pipe. You must not be attaching this thermometer to the grills of the stove. It may heat it and break it. However, the effortless installation process increases the convenience of use. 

This magnetic thermometer for wood stove is ideal for its perfect build material. It is constructed by a bimetal thermometer sensor, aluminum dial, metal handle, and brass pointer. All of these things make it much durable for a long. You can read this thermometer in both temperature units. In addition, it provides to track a wide temperature range that allows monitoring the stove at high heat. So, you can take the necessary steps when needed.


  • Easy to install and flexible to use
  • Perfect material built at a different part of the thermometer
  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Large dial to make an easy read


  • The pointer is hard to see in the vapor of fire

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2. Inferno Wood Stove Top Thermometer

Inferno Stove Top Meter (3-30) thermometer measures temperatures on stove top
  • Durable genuine porcelain enamel.
  • Easy to read
  • Made in the USA.

Burning wood is a tough job. It is normal to burn excess wood for mismanagement or excess heat production. There is also a risk of overheating where you are burning the wood. Inferno thermometer will support you in every step. You do not have any tension when you have this thermometer. This circular thermometer provides an exact temperature in Fahrenheit. For the circular design, it is easy to notice to the eye.

The build material of this thermometer is rich and robust black enamel porcelain. It is compelling. You will get comfort while using it. This enamel projects the numerical presentation fine and clear. It has three different zones in different colors to show specific burning points. Creosote zone in gray color, recommended the best zone in white color, and too hot zone in orange color. It stays with you for long and lets you control the fire’s temperature

This wood stove thermometer has a steel-made casing under it to protect it from heat. This steel case is rugged for better settings on the stovetop. It increases the life of this thermometer. The protective casing keeps the part of the enamel body-safe, which is attached to the stove. You can keep this thermometer with you for a more extended period for its durable feature. Get this helpful thermometer with you when you burn the woods and stay warm at the correct temperature.


  • Posh porcelain enamel made 
  • Protective steel casing cover
  • Easy to understand temperature reading
  • Correctness of the reading


  • No Celsius temperature reading 

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3. Weftnom Wood Stove Top or Flue or Stove Pipe Thermometer

Oven Temperaturer Wood Stove Thermometer,Stove Meter Thermometer for Wood Burning Stoves Top,Flues,Stovepipe Thermometer Measures Temperatures on StoveTop,Avoid Stove Fan Damaged by Overheat
  • Premium Quality :Our stove flue pipe thermometer is consist of aluminum dial, bimetal...
  • Accurate Temperature Reading;Face reads 100 to 900 °F with extreme accuracy.
  • Exclusive Golden Needle: The bright color needle moving is clearly visible even from far away.

Since you have to use the thermometer for a wood stove at a high temperature, it must be solid and stiff enough to work in hot conditions. That is why Weftnom built this thermometer with different types of materials at different parts to make it suitable for flexible use with stable conditions. 

The metal handle is for holding up at high heat. The brass-made pointer provides an accurate temperature reading as it reaches the critical temperature points correctly. The bimetal sensor works excellent to determine the temperature. Finally, the dial is made of aluminum for a clean and clear show of the numerical presentation. All these things are for perfection in showing the correct temperature reading and stay durable for the long run.

This thermometer can read a high range of temperatures. As the wood has been burned at high heat, the thermometer also should show high temperature. Besides, it may reach to fullest when the fire increases. To track temperature at this turn is essential to take necessary precaution at the right time before any accidental situation occurs. You can trace temperature from 100 to 900 degrees in both units. The premium quality sensor and settings ensure proper temperature reading. 

To read the temperature, the pointer should be clearly seen. They made a bright golden pointer to show the temperature. You can understand the temperature from a far distance. You can place the thermometer on the stovetop and the flue pipe, monitoring the temperature and saving the stove itself from burning. The fan of the wood stove easily gets burnt that is needed to keep in moderate temperature. You can save the fan by tracking the temperature too. So, get this piece and have a safe wood-burning session.


  • Exclusive build material and pointer needle
  • Magnetic attachment option for flexible use
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Efficient temperature reading with correctness


  • Pointer spins quickly and changes the reading

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4. Chimgard Enamel Energy Meter Wood Stove Thermometer

EXCITING EASY TO READ GRAPHICS. ChimGard Energy Meter (3-4) Woodstove Thermometer. Durable genuine porcelain enamel with yellow, orange and red zones clearly indicated on black case.
  • Rugged steel case for long life
  • shows safe flue temperatures at a glance. Temperatures up to 900° Fahrenheit (500 Centigrade).
  • Durable genuine porcelain enamel with yellow & orange zones clearly indicated on brown case

Since burning wood determines your home’s comfort level, you should know what is happening inside the woodstove. When you have your stove thermometer, it will be easy to track the situation for every moment. Chimgard thermometer will support you in every step of controlling the temperature of your room. You can keep this Condar wood stove thermometer at the top of the stovepipe or hang it at the pipe wall. Thus, you can be sure of the exactness of the temperature reading. 

The thermometer’s bimetal sensor shows the stove’s surface temperature for allowing you to control burning woods. The porcelain enamel-made thermometer stays vital for a long and keeps you safe and warm. The rugged steel casing keeps it durable and increases its life more. You do not have to buy the second one for years. Track temperature from 100 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You can count it in Celsius unit too. 

There are colored sections to alert you. The yellow portions are for the low temperature that may waste the wood and cool it down. The red zone is for high heat. When you see that temperature reaches this red zone, you can be alert and lower the heat to be safe and reduce energy waste. If the temperature is in the orange zone, you’ll feel the best warm comfort in your rooms. For maintaining this, keep this thermometer with your stove always.


  • Durable material made body
  • Exceptional performance to track the temperature
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Steel casing for high longevity


  • Break easily and so, soft handling is necessary

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5. Frienda Magnetic Flue Pipe thermometer

Magnetic Top Thermometer Wood Stove Thermometer Stove Chimney Flue Pipe Thermometer Stove Temperature Meter for Avoiding Overheat (2 Pieces)
  • What you receive: you will get 2 pieces magnetic top thermometers, which can help you make a...
  • Easy to use and install: the wood stove thermometer is easy for you to install and magnetic...
  • Practical helper: with this stove temperature meter, you don't need to worry that you don't...

Frienda brings a wood stove pipe thermometer as practical help for you. Controlling the temperature of the woodstove is easy, and you can keep your rooms perfectly warm. This is made of solid and robust material that is durable for a long. It consists of a metal handle, brass pointer, bimetal sensor, and aluminum dial. The metal handle is so strong that it stays strong at high heat too. So working at a high temperature does not reduce its longevity. The pointer is also made of brass, and the bimetal sensor keeps it intact.

This building material enables it to handle challenging situations like overheated conditions. The magnetic power of the attachment is so powerful that you do not have to worry about its placement. If you attach it to the stovetop, it will stay right there. It is also suitable to attach to the flue pipe nicely. When you see it reach a high temperature, you can control it by decreasing the fire. Thus, you can save the fan of the stove, which is prone to burn. 

The aluminum dial is big enough to notice the pointer and understand the temperature reading from far. The whole thermometer is of circular design, and it is the dial. The pointer is clear and significant to understand easily. You can easily understand if your fire is okay or not as there are three zones categorized. You have to keep the temperature at “Best Zone.” If it is too hot, it will create overheating fast and waste energy with time. If it is colder than required, it will cool down the woods, and it will be tough to burn it further even if you increase the heat. 

The accuracy of temperature reading is sure. The package consists of two thermometers. You can use them both, keeping one at the top of the stove and the other on the flue pipe. You also can use one and store the other for backup use. This thermometer is super affordable. As it comes in pairs, you can gift one to your close one. 


  • Magnetic solid power makes it easy to install
  • Flexible handling for its excellent design
  • Strong materials made for increasing longevity
  • Three zones to understand the situation clear


  • Provide temperature in only Fahrenheit unit

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6. Galafire Stainless Wood Stove Thermometer

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Galafire offers a robust thermometer that provides the best performance, and so, they provide two years of warranty. Generally, there is no issue with using it rough and tough. However, since you always have to keep your room warm, you continuously burn wood on the stove. To monitor the temperature, you have to use the thermometer constantly. You cannot give it rest. So, the thermometer should also have that strength to hold up for long. Using the Galafire, you can have worry-free support.

It comes in a pair. You can use both or store one for backup use. It provides temperatures in both units- Celsius and Fahrenheit. Whatever unit reading you know well, you can read it. No need to switch the units as it appears both on two sides of the pointer. The numerical presentation is clear not to have to go close to the fire to see the temperature reading. This temperature gauge can count temperature from 100 degrees to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This long temperature range enables to record overheating situations. 

The bimetal sensor works so well that the exactness of the tracking temperature is sure. This thermometer is made of durable stainless-steel material at the base part.  With the stainless steel, the brass-made pointer and metal-made handle keep it perfectly strong. So you can use this thermometer as excellent support for a more extended period.


  • Includes two thermometers
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Wide range of temperature check
  • Wide diameter to read temperature easily


  • For the higher heat, the magnetic power decreases

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7. Zhouwhjj Magnetic Wood Stove Top and Flue Pipe

2 Packs Replacement Magnetic Stove Thermometer Wood Burner Top Thermometer Stove Temperature Meter Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer Fireplace Accessories for Avoiding Stove Fan Damaged by Overheating
  • Convenient placing: a magnet on the back allows these stove flue pipe thermometers to be placed...
  • Temperature range: the measuring temperature of these flue pipe temperature meter ranges from...
  • Work efficiently: the creosote buildup, optimum performance and overheat period is noted on the...

Whereas the other magnetic stove thermometer can be attached to the single surface only, you can attach this thermometer to the stovetop and sidewall within the flue pipe. Thus, it enhances the ease of installation. However, you feel to install the thermometer, and you can do it at your convenience. The magnetic power is strong enough to hold up for long, even at a higher temperature. You do not have to worry about the thermometer settings. You just check from time to time if the temperature is okay or not. 

The fan of the stove or chimney is susceptible to burn at high heat. If you follow the instruction of the thermometer that shows the reading in different zones, you will be able to take the necessary steps soon. The temperature should be at the “best operation” zone. If it is too hot, then the fan can be heated up. You should also be careful to heat it. As such, the temperature is above the creosote option. Too low temperature will produce coal and oil to make a hard coating which can minimize the efficiency of the fire. 

This thermometer is constructed expertly so that every part works well and stays safe to be durable. The dial is significant to be visible clearly. Working with this thermometer feels like help to support you in mastering the control of the comfort of your home.


  • Robust material made
  • Powerful magnetic attachment
  • Shows reading at both temperature units
  • Simple and flexible handling and installation


  • Reaching temperature takes time

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8. Auber Wireless Wood Stove Thermometer

Auber offers an advanced thermometer to track the temperature of a wood stove or chimney. It makes life more comfortable with its wireless option. There are two display units to ease the job. You can set the thermometer near the wood stove to trace temperature remotely. You also can trace temperature from far away. You set the temperature capturing tool near the stove and set the display near you. You will see the temperature quickly. As there is no need to use the long cable, it is easy to use and less hassle. You do not have to work with a long cable. 

This digital wood stove thermometer has three kinds of sensor options to sense the temperature. The washer sensor is for the single wall pipe to monitor temperature remotely, placing the thermometer sensor on the stove pipe. Another sensor is for the double-wall pipe, which has 4 inches long probe; you have to drill a hole to insert this probe. Finally, the other sensor has a more extended probe to enable you to set the thermometer in one room the probe in the next room. 

This thermometer has the alarm option to alert you if the temperature reaches the too hot zone. So it will keep you risk-free. Whenever it alarms, you will get the chance to set it right by lowering the temperature.


  • Single wall, double-wall, and magnetic sensor
  • Digital wireless temperature gauge
  • Dual display units
  • Accurate reading


  • Necessary instruction or manual is absent

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Buyer’s Guide for Wood Stove Thermometer

There is an abundance of wood stove thermometers in the market. You also can find lots of thermometer collections in the online market. How do you find the correct one for your wood stove? You should look for some features and points in the wood stove thermometer when you buy the thermometer. Learn about those features that are necessary to be present.

Thermometer Type

Analog and digital- both types of thermometers are efficient to use. Customers like to use analog ones for their convenience. But the digital stove thermometer is also great for its extra features like digital reading, digital sensors, etc. Choose what you like.

Thermometer’s Dial

Since you have to check the wood stove’s temperature frequently, the dial should be easy to see and read at one sight. Most of the top branded thermometer dials are categorized by three zones so that you can understand if it is at optimum condition. There is an optimum condition, low-temperature zone, and the too hot zone marked clearly in the thermometer. The pointer should be transparent colored on the background so that it is visible at once. 

Manufacturers mostly color the background of the thermometer by white or gray color so that the pointer is clear. But, some thermometer has dark-colored, like a red or golden colored pointer. So, the dial closely.

Build Material

Since the wood stove thermometer has to stay at high heat for a long, the construction material is crucial. It must be durable and robust to stay soli from inside even if it is subjected to high heat. Many manufacturers made the handle with metal, sensor with bimetal, pointer with brass, and the body with stainless steel or porcelain enamel. These varieties of material are used to keep it strong at high temperatures. The high heat should not affect the accuracy of the reading too. 

Temperature Range

Wood burns at a higher temperature. It generally reaches over 600-degree Fahrenheit. If the thermometer cannot track that temperature, you cannot know when it reaches the overheating condition. Thermometers have a temperature tracking range from 100 to 700 degrees. Some top-level thermometers can trace temperatures up to 900-degree Fahrenheit. Choose wisely.

Temperature Units

Fahrenheit unit is the most acceptable unit in the USA to track the temperature, but there may be a need for a Celsius unit. If the thermometer has both units, you do not have to buy a separate meter. There are both types of thermometer that with both temperature unit or with only Fahrenheit unit. Check before buying the thermometer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since it is about burning wood in the woodstove, you should know the answers to all your questions in mind. You should get out of all the risks. So, know the answers to all relevant questions regarding wood stove thermometers.

1. What is the optimum temperature for a wood stove?

Ans: Different types of the stove have different temperature range to work properly. The usual standard for the wood stove’s efficient burning temperature ranges from 500 degrees to 700 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees to 370 degrees Celsius. This is the standard temperature for the stovetop. In some stoves, it is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. What will occur when the wood stove is too hot?

Ans: If there is a hotter temperature in the wood stove for an extended period, it will gradually damage some parts of the stove. The fan is the most prone to break or damage in high heat. You should change the temperature when you see that the stove reaches the too hot point. 

3. What is the perfect temperature for a flue pipe?

Ans: If you want to control the temperature of your wood stove for the best wood burning that provides constant warmth, then you have to burn it at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. Then reduce it to 300 degrees and keep it stable. You have to set the temperature of the stove right this way every time you start. 

4. What will happen if we burn the wood stove overnight?

Ans: Nothing accidental will happen if you keep the wood burner ‘on’ overnight. You have to run it at a slow heat rate keeping the air intake and the flue close. If you run the stove slowly, it is beautiful to run it overnight. 

5. What temperature is for the creosote ignition?

Ans: It is 451 degrees Fahrenheit for the creosote ignition. This temperature works well to ignite the creosote when there is repeated heating occurrence and some moisture has been stored inside the stove.  

6. Does the wood stove thermometer provide accurate temperature reading?

Ans: It is not always exact. It varies as ± 20 degrees. Since it is about a high-temperature range, this difference is acceptable. With the increase of heat, the thermometer reaches the temperature faster than another thermometer.

Final Words

We know the necessity of a wood stove, and we also know that it is much essential to monitor this stove. It is because the wood stove works at higher heat. It can be dangerous at any time. Overheating can occur unwanted accidents. That is why, within the wood stove, the wood stove thermometer is also a necessary element.

If you can find the best wood stove thermometer, you can monitor its temperature and get the warmth eel in your house. Top-rated wood stove thermometers are easy to use, simple to operate, facile to operate, and accurate in reading. If you get such a perfect thermometer, your comfort at best is sure.



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