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The Best Soil Thermometer Reviews 2021

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Splendid pleasure comes from gardening than any other thing. When you search for a peace-making place after passing the hectic day, you will find it in your garden. It enhances the beauty too. At the weekend, you will get much rejoice when working in your garden. It becomes dear to you and your family. If there is improper management, you will have no production. Then it will be a disappointment.

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You must know to use some necessary tools to maintain the garden. A soil thermometer is an essential item of all. The best soil thermometer will work the best to find the temperature at critical times, including seed germination time, pre-emergent time, etc. 

Though you know a wide range of parameters and tools to use, soil thermometer has no alternatives. As it is a necessary prerequisite, you must have a soil thermometer to record the soil temperature. Get one and use it wisely.

Best Soil Thermometer Reviews

Before checking a soil thermometer in the market, you have to know what is the best soil thermometer. Soil thermometers should have proper probe size, enough length to enter deep in the soil, correct temperature reading, clear dial, and strong material. There is a nice collection of solid soil thermometers on the market. Select one for your interest. 

1. Rapitest Luster Leaf Soil thermometer

Luster Leaf 1625 Digital Soil Thermometer
  • Great tool for determining soil temp for early season and transplanting
  • Easy to read modern digital screen
  • Dial gives soil temp recommendations for several plant varieties

Measuring correct temperature is a must for the growth of plants. Rapitest soil thermometer ensures it. Getting temperature of soil during transplanting, early season, and fertilization. The proper temperature will show you the way to take care of the plant growth. 

Handling this thermometer is easy. There are reading easily readable units. There is also the dial to recommend the temperature of the soil for more plants. So, this thermometer sometimes acts as an instructor for better planting. In addition, this thermometer comes with the guideline for the germinations and transplantation processes. 

The long probe is a necessary item of a soil thermometer as you have to insert it through the soil to a deep location. A luster leaf soil thermometer has a long probe to ease your job. It supports getting an accurate temperature. These thermometers are specially designed to use for soil. As an agricultural-professionals, you will like to use this thermometer in every step. 

Taking soil temperature can be done by another digital thermometer. But professional soil thermometer works professionally with high precision. Moreover, as it is affordable, you will feel that your lab is full of the necessary items. So, have this thermometer and work with the best perfection.


  • Designed especially for recording soil temperature
  • More extended probe to reach the required depth
  • The dial offers recommendations for more plants
  • Guidelines for transplantation and germination is included


  • Joints are not firmly attached, and soft handling is needed

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2. Smart Choice Stainless Steel Digital Soil Thermometer

Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer by Smart Choice| 127mm Stem, Easy-to-Read 1.5” Dial Display, 0-220 Degrees Fahrenheit Range | Soil Temperature Thermometer for Ground, Compost, Garden Soil
  • THE BEST SOIL THERMOMETER - While other Soil Thermometers can’t tell the correct temperature,...
  • REMARKABLE PLANTING RESULTS - For both, Indoor & Outdoor potting and gardening. Your plants...
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - Rugged stainless steel components, 1.5” glass-covered dial display,...

The Smart Choice comes with a robust soil thermometer to tell the reading appropriately. You do not have the chance to complain.

To take the temperature, you have to keep the thermometer under the soil for an extended period. It quickly breaks or be harmed by wind or other intense weather conditions. A Smart Choice thermometer is made of stainless steel. So, it is enough to hold the extreme weather condition. 

For the healthy growth of plants, you have to take the temperature of the soil to put the proper amount of fertilizer and water from time to time. So, it is possible if you can get the right temperature and care properly.

If you can input fertilizer at the right time, your plants will be vigorous, and the growth will be enhanced. How do you know the right time for fertilization? The soil temperature indicates it. 

If the thermometer can take the temperature from deep inside the soil, the perfection of the reading is ensured. This thermometer has a longer stem to put the thermometer at a high depth. So, you can have the exact reading in a time-saving manner. You should include this thermometer in the gardening tools. 


  • Longer stem 
  • Regular updates of temperature from time to time
  • Specially designed for compost and soil
  • Rugged stainless steel made body


  • There is no manual or instruction included

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3. Greenco Gardening Agricultural Soil Thermometer

Compost Soil Thermometer by Greenco, Stainless Steel, Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature Dial, 20 inch Stem
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Solid 20 inch (508 mm) 0.2 inch (5mm) diameter stem; reinforced welded...
  • CLEAR ACCURATE DIAL: Easy to read 2 inch wide dial with color-coded temperature ranges; 40 -...
  • HIGH QUALITY LENS: High-quality and lightweight PC-coated lens, hermetically sealed to avoid...

Even if the soil thermometer is cheap, you must buy the soil thermometer frequently if it is not strong and durable enough. Then the cost will increase considerably. Greenco brings a robust and sturdy thermometer to stay standstill for a more extended period in harsh weather.

This thermometer is built of 304 stainless steel. This high-quality steel makes it strong and lets it hold up all the rough environmental shocks and attacks. It will be your professional partner for several years. You can work in your garden using only one thermometer day by day.

There is a reinforced bolt in the middle area of the stem and dial to increase the durability. It supports flexible handling and frequent operation. With a solid 20 inches stem, you can enter the thermometer probe into a deep area. It makes sure that you will get the best accuracy in the reading.

The dial is 2 inches wide to let your read at ease. The numerical presentation on the dial is colorful to help you in marking them at a glance. The soil temperature gauge of this thermometer ranges from 40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it offers better service in every single step of gardening.

If the fog or moisture reduces the visibility of the dial, all the features are in vain. This thermometer is fog-resistant. The PC coatings seal the lenses to make them water-resistant and lightweight. With all the fantastic features, you will soon be an expert and love to work on your garden or land. 


  • Long-lasting structure
  • Clean view for the fog-resistance
  • High-quality body material and lenses
  • Comes with instruction


  • A little high price range

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4. Thermometer World Soil Temperature Probe Thermometer

Compost Thermometer Stainless Steel Dial - Ideal Composting Soil Thermometer with 50MM Diameter C and F Dial and 295MM Compost Temperature Gauge Probe
  • LARGE COMPOST THERMOMETER - An easy to read compost soil thermometer with a 295mm probe length...
  • COMPOST AT OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE - With our stainless steel composting thermometer it gives you...
  • FANTASTIC VALUE - When it comes to compost thermometers, we only offer the best quality and...

When the soil thermometer has a larger dial and a more extended probe, you will be hassle-free. It supports the best gardening job. The deeper you can enter the thermometer, the more is the correctness of the temperature reading. A longer thermometer enables to have the best accuracy.

Thermometer Worlds offers a thermometer with a 296 mm probe length. It is gross. Isn’t it? You will also get to see the reading from the 50 mm dial. From a broader viewpoint, you will be able to see clear and sound.

When you are making compost, temperature matters the most. If the temperature is too high, it will begin to break from inside. In the Colder situation, it will not go through the composting process. So, you have to take the temperature reading frequently.

So, you may have to put the thermometer deep inside the compost pile and keep it for several days. The thermometer has to have the power and strength to work too long and stay sturdy. 

This soil temperature thermometer from the temperature world is a thermometer that can stay strong for a longer time and provide accurate readings for better management. With the premium quality made product, this thermometer provides the best customer satisfaction.


  • Large probe
  • Wide dial with temperature reading at both degrees
  • Precision in reading
  • Superior quality stainless steel structure


  • Reading fluctuates automatically up to 5 degrees Celsius

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5. Vee Gee Scientific Soil Temperature Thermometer

Vee Gee Scientific 82160-6 Dial Soil Thermometer, 6' Stainless Steel Stem, 3' Dial Display, -40 to 160-Degree F,Silver
360 Reviews
Vee Gee Scientific 82160-6 Dial Soil Thermometer, 6" Stainless Steel Stem, 3" Dial Display, -40 to 160-Degree F,Silver
  • Large 3" Glass Covered Display
  • Stainless Steel Stem for Durability, 6"
  • Temp Range -40 to 160-Degree F

Vee Gee comes with a potential thermometer made of robust stainless steel. This steel body is long-lasting and durable to stay with your gardening job for an extended period. The stem is 6 inches long and constructed of stainless steel. You will be worry-free after inputting it under the soil. 

This thermometer works for an extended range of temperatures from “-40-degree Fahrenheit” to “160-degree Fahrenheit.” With this wide range, you can read the temperature in cold and also in hot weather. In addition, it will help you to take the temperature in every process. 

The display is 3 inches long. It provides a larger dial space to show the reading. Therefore, it is easy to see and read the reading. You will have the reading two types of versions in Fahrenheit and Celsius. In addition, it offers a comprehensive working volume. The glass covers the display-made top, protecting the dial settings and keeping it safe from different weather conditions.  

There are adjusting nuts to perform the calibration properly. The wide temperature range helps in perfect calibration. Adjusting the thermometer for calibration is easy. It stays at the back part of the thermometer. So, you will have great support with the helpful features of this thermometer.


  • Large display to show the reading
  • Robust stainless steel made structure
  • Wide temperature range
  • Easy calibration process


  • Not waterproof and gives a blur vision of the reading in fog

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6. Acurite Premium Soil thermometer

AcuRite 00661 Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer
  • Monitor soil temperature for healthy seeding, planting and gardening
  • Perfect for indoor potting or outdoor gardening
  • Measures temperatures from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit

Holding all the tools, it is hard to go to the field or outdoor garden. Acurite soil thermometer comes with a sleek designed sheath to hold it and keep it using a pocket clip. This structure helps in carrying this thermometer easily and holding it safely. If the thermometer accidentally breaks, it will be a mess.

Broken pieces will be harmful to you too. You can carry this thermometer softly and handle it in a wonderfully flexible way. This excellent structure with a pocket clip changes its design and turns to a modern and innovative look.

It will be easy to regularly monitor the garden soil temperature regarding seeding, planting, pre-emergent, fertilization, and gardening. This thermometer also helps in tracking long temperature range from zero degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this thermometer for indoor potting and also outdoor gardening. 

In this thermometer, the stem is also long, and it is 7 inches and made of stainless steel. It is clean and easy to use and insert into the deep soil. So, grab this fantastic tool for your garden as a nice collection.


  • Continuous monitoring of temperature
  • Long temperature reading range
  • Long stem to enter the deeper soil
  • Protective sheath and pocket clip included in the design


  • A little pricey

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7. Tailor Precision Soil Testing Thermometer

Taylor Precision Products - 5976N B0030JWAVA Soil Testing Thermometer, 4" Stem, -20 to 180 Degrees F
  • Measure soil temperature 2 inches below surface
  • Ideal for planning when to plant for optimal germination
  • Temperature readings between 20°F to 180°F and 0°C to 80°C with min/max/optimal temperature...

If you do not have to insert the thermometer, the hassle would be reduced to a great level. It is because inserting the thermometer into deep soil is an arduous task. You have to make a hole deep into the soil and then insert the thermometer.

Tailor precision offers a thermometer that reads the temperature at only 2 inches deep into the soil. It provides an absolutely correct temperature reading though it is set under shallow soil. In terms of composting, you also can perform the best temperature monitoring job correctly.

This thermometer is built by a tight and solid stainless-steel body. It can take a heavy-duty job and can stand long into the soil. You can take the reading in both degrees, Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The temperature range of the reading starts from 20-degree Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a stem clip too to help you in attaching it to the flower pots easily. All the features support better planting and gardening. In addition, you will get a superb tool collection for your gardening set.


  • Take a proper temperature reading with precision
  • Ideal for soil temperature tracing
  • Heavy-duty job
  • Ideal temperature ranging


  • Reaching the required temperature takes time

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8. General Tools Analogue Soil Thermometer

General Tools PT2020G-220 Analog Soil and Composting Dial Thermometer, Long Stem 20 Inch Probe, 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to 104 degrees Celsius) Range
  • PROBE- 20-inch (508mm) long shaft
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE- Measures 0° to 220°F (-18° to 104°C)
  • EASY TO READ: 2-inch (51mm) wide dial with a clear glass lens

Though some advanced features are missing in the analog tools, there is no alternative to them. The accuracy of the reading is much better in the analog thermometer than the digital one. General Tool’s soil thermometer is another best soil thermometer with a more extended probe.

This probe is 20 inches long, which is not found on a digital thermometer. You can take readings from -18 degrees Celsius to 104 degrees Celsius. That means you can take a boiling water temperature reading. It ensures that this thermometer can hold colder or hotter conditions.

This analog thermometer is solid and sturdy. It is long-lasting than other thermometers with a rugged stainless body construction. The body is rust-proof and well-designed. The dial is 2 inches wide, so it is easy to see and read instantly. The versatility of the application of this thermometer is wide.

It is ideal for gardening, planting, and also for more extensive land. You can use it in composting too. The size and weight of this thermometer enable us to handle it smoother way.

With the use of this thermometer, you will have better guidance. Seeding, germinating, or fertilizing depends on the right temperature. Fill up your toolset, including this thermometer. 


  • Longer soil temperature probe
  • Rugged and rust-proof structure
  • Easy to see and read dial
  • Wide versatility


  • A clip is missing to carry it in a flexible way

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9. Lostronaut Garden Soil Thermometer

Long Stem Compost Soil Thermometer - Fast Response Stainless Steel 16 Inch - Fahrenheit and Celsius - Includes Protective Sheath and Composting Guide
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Water-resistant hermetically sealed (won't fog up) accurate easy to read 0-220...
  • QUICK READ: Three temperature markings to easily view, assess and optimize compost pile, bin or...
  • PROTECTIVE SHEATH: Durable analog compost thermomoter comes with sturdy protective stem sheath...

Fog makes blur conditions on the glass-made dial. It creates an obstacle to getting the temperature reading. If the thermometer is water-resistant, you will have a clear vision of the reading dial. The markings of this reading are arranged in three rates. It makes your job easy and simple. You can assess and instantly optimize the compost pile. 

Most of the time, keeping the thermometer in storage may damage the steel surface of the stem. This soil thermometer comes with a protective sheath that keeps it intact for a long. The thermometer is made of stiff material that is water-resistant. It protects it from rust formation on the surface or inside. It also is easy to carry, keeping it inside the sheath. 

In the package, there is a composting guide that includes detailed tips and insights. For the practical job or any research work, this thermometer allows to move it smoothly and handle it without any mistakes. The stem is 16 inches long to provide the benefit for easy installing of the thermometer.

It, in turn, ensures the precision and perfection of the reading. When you do your planting and gardening maintenance job with the help of this thermometer, it will confirm the proper job at the right time.


  • Tightly sealed dial and body
  • For-resistant reading show
  • Reaching the temperature needs less time requirement
  • Protective sheath included
  • Composting guide included


  • For much durability, you need soft handling

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10. REOTEMP Waterproof Soil Thermometer

REOTEMP K82-3 Soil Thermometer, 7 Inch Stem, Waterproof, for Seeding and Transplanting Garden Temperature Measurement, 0-220 Fahrenheit
  • Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless Steel Case, Bezel and 7" Stem
  • Perfect for Seeding, Transplanting and Gardening
  • Easy-to-Read 2" Dial, Fahrenheit 0-220F Temperature Scale

When you use the soil thermometer for an extended period keeping it under the soil, its durability reduces the continuous corrosion. The construction of this thermometer is corrosion-proof. In addition, there is a bezel made of the same corrosion-proof steel material. It increases durability.

The glass lenses are also durable enough that it does not be yellowish over time. You can use this thermometer daily. For the rough and harsh use, it cannot break or fracture easily. Regular use of this thermometer for seeding, planting, transplanting, fertilizing, gardening, and composting. 

You will get exemplary instruction from this thermometer. This thermometer comes with a nicely designed sheath and pocket clip. So, carrying it is a fashion and supple. You will not feel any hassle taking it to your garden every day. If you want to store it for a certain period, you can be worry-free.

For long time storage, it will not be harmed a bit. It will stay intact inside the sheath. Since you have to use the soil thermometer in soil and all the dirt, you have to clean it after every use. This thermometer is very easy to clean and wash. 


  • Corrosion-free
  • Rust-proof
  • Wise solution for soil temperature tracking
  • Clear dial to see and read
  • It comes with a sheath and pocket clip


  • Calibration takes time

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Buyer’s Guide for Soil Thermometer

Agricultural worker find it difficult to collect suitable soil thermometers for their land. There are some essential considerations that you have to look. If you are a gardener, you are no less in need of the perfect soil thermometer. Let’s know the essential factor and look for those notes well.


There are mainly two types of soil thermometers- digital and analog. In terms of the accuracy of the reading, a digital thermometer comes first. But there is some maintenance necessity as the soil moisture can affect it and cause some issues.

On the other hand, an analog thermometer may provide temperature lately, but they are also acceptable to use for a long time. Moreover, you do not have to be tense with the moisture while using this analog thermometer.

Build Material

It is an essential factor. The thermometer has to stay in harsh condition in bare weather for a long-time range. A soil thermometer can be made of glass or stainless steel. It can be made of a material blended with both.

For example, there is a thermometer built of rugged stainless steel. This thermometer will be great as it can stay long and can take the hassle of extreme weather conditions. 

Probe size

To measure soil temperature, you have to mount the soil thermometer into the deep soil. So, the probe size must be long. There are some thermometers with short probes. So, you have to check it before buying.

Temperature Scale

The temperature scale is the most critical fact in the case of soil thermometers. The thermometer should have a temperature range from 35 degrees to 75-degree Fahrenheit.

This is because you have to take soil temperature at different times. The soil should have different temperature range at different point including seeding point, germinating point, etc. So, the range of temperature should be broad.


The dial of the soil thermometer should be fog-resistant so that you can see the temperature from time to time. It should be large enough to make it easy to read by the gardeners or farmers. There are some multi-colored dials in the thermometer. These can be easier and clearer too.

Check the presence of the essential features in the thermometer while choosing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin your work in your garden with the soil thermometer, apparent all your confusion. Know every trifle and take temperature correctly.

#1. Are all types of thermometers work for soil?

Ans: Simply answering, Yes. A meat thermometer is oaky to take soil temperature, surprisingly. Before using the meat thermometer, check if it can test temperature up to 40-degree Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius.

Then rinse it using water and dry it up before using it for soil. You have to wash the probe ideally to get the temperature right. Besides, a standard digital thermometer also can take the soil temperature.

#2. What is the best temperature for pre-emergent?

Ans: The best temperature is 55-degree Fahrenheit. The spring pre-emergent herbicide is applied to prevent summer annual weed production as the annual summer weeds are broadleaf types.

But for a better result, soil temperature should be about 55 degrees or more. This temperature should stay at least for 36 to 72 hours. It is the time before seed germination 

#3. How to use the soil thermometer?

Ans: To use the soil thermometer, measure the soil depth where the temperature taking will be perfect. Then make a hole using a screwdriver.

Put the thermometer to the hole and follow the direction as the manual or instruction of the thermometer packaging says. Put some shade over the thermometer. Take the temperature reading in the morning or the late afternoon when the brightness of the sunshine is low. 

#4. What is the length of a soil thermometer?

Ans: The length of a soil thermometer should be at least 7 inches, as you must put it into a minimum of 3.5 inches deep soil.

If the thermometer is more than 7 inches tall, it is alright too, since in some gardens, especially in vegetable gardens, you have to put the thermometer up to 5 or 6 inches deep into the soil. If the soil thermometer is not in enough deep soil, the temperature reading can be wrong.

#5. What is the perfect temperature for seed germination for most of the seeds?

Ans: The best soil temperature for seed germination is 68-degree Celsius or 86-degree Fahrenheit. It is the same or similar for most seed types. If the temperature is wrong at that time, it would be problematic for the seed growth.

#6. How is the price range for the soil thermometer?

Ans: In the past, soil thermometers were expensive, especially when there were only mercury thermometers. But nowadays, with technological advancement, there are thermometers available at low price ranges.

Therefore, you will find thermometers in the price range from $ 14 to $50 with all the features included.

Final word

Gardening is happiness when you get the result of your hard work. How will you ensure this? With better management of the growth of the plants, you can have the best garden look.

And for the better maintenance of plants, you will need your tools. A soil thermometer can be more incredible help if you choose the best soil thermometer

With our anticipation of a list of perfect temperature traces, your work of finding the correct thermometer for your garden will be easier. So check the list through this age and have one to get all the merits.



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