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10 Best Smart Thermostat By Wirecutter 2021

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You know you need a new thermostat when the old one acts up and nothing you or your service provider does to it seems to work. But you don’t want just any thermostat – you want a smart one that automatically makes your life much easier and your energy costs much lower.

Before you pull out your credit card, check out reliable smart thermostat reviews for recommendations on the top thermostats that meet your expectations.

You really don’t need to go far to find the most suitable smart thermostat for your home or office. We have dug and found ten effective smart thermostats for you to consider.

Take our recommendations and experience the best for yourself. But before we get started, here is a quick reminder of what smart thermostats are all about.

Top 5 Best Smart Thermostat By Wirecutter: Editor’s Pick

The smart thermostat is a device that uses artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to manage the temperature in your homes or offices. These thermostats automatically heat or cool your home just the way you like it.

Some brands have the capability of learning your routines and preferences using the information to keep your home comfortable at all times.  Smart thermostats can be voice controlled with Alexa or similar platforms and can be remotely controlled via your smartphone, tablet, and other smart devices.

How to Connect a Thermostat to Amazon, Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is great for controlling your home’s automated system through voice commands. Follow these steps to connect your thermostat to Alexa:

  1. Open Amazon’s Alexa app.
  2. On the Home screen, tap “Menu”.
  3. From the list, select the “Smart Home”
  4. Ensure your Amazon Account is connected to devices linked to Alexa. Make changes with “Settings”.
  5. Tap the “Enable Smart Home Skills”.
  6. Search for your thermostat brand in the search box.
  7. Tap the name of your thermostat and select “Enable”.
  8. Log in to your thermostat account.
  9. Follow the authorization steps to connect accounts.

How to Install Smart Thermostats

Although it is recommended to get expert help to install your new smart thermostat, you may want to do it yourself and save the installation cost.  If you insist, here are a few steps in installing your thermostat.

Take the cover off the thermostat you currently have and examine the wires. If you see wires that are thick and banded together with wire nuts then you cannot install the smart thermostat.

If, however, the wire you see is marked “common,” or with letters “C,” “R”, “Rc”, “Rh” or “W,” then you can install the smart thermostat. If you are unable to locate the “C” wire, call your electrician to rewire your HVAC.

Examine your existing heating and cooling systems to make sure they are compatible. If the voltage is 110v or 240v your smart thermostat will not work.

Also, check your internet and Wi-Fi connections to ensure they are capable of handling the extra load from additional devices. Upgrade your router if it is more than three years old.

You are ready to install your unit:

  1. Turn off your circuit breaker (to avoid electrical shocks).
  2. Use the notes from the manufacturer to install the new base plate for your smart thermostat.
  3. Connect the wires to their ports (follow the labels).
    • Check the instructions from the manufacturer to make sure you are connecting to the right ports.
    • Push every wire to the wall so that the thermostat display can be connected to the base.
    • Caution: avoid connecting any additional wire to the smart thermostat –  only use what you had marked from the old wiring (except the C-wire, which would not have been in use in older systems). You would need to add the C-wire during installation.
  4. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the thermostat faceplate.
  5. Return to the circuit breaker and power up.
  6. When the power returns, your thermostat will boot up and guide you through the instructions to enter your thermostat settings. You would also need to download the appropriate smart thermostat app to experience your unit fully. Remember your Wi-Fi password so that you can connect your thermostat to the Internet.

Best Smart Thermostat By Wirecutter Reviews:

1. Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat

Our first item is the Nest Learning Thermostat, an innovative product from the makers of the best thermostat for home systems on the market.

Not only does the Nest Learning Thermostat control your energy costs, it provides maximum comfort in your home and office. Experience savings of around 10% to12% on your heating costs and 15% on cooling. Your Nest smart thermostat pays for itself in two years!

Certified as an Energy Star product, the Nest Learning Thermostat does not need much to get acquainted with your routines and preferences.  It learns all this to automatically program itself to keep your home comfortable and occupants satisfied.

Monitor and control your temperature settings remotely through your smartphone from anywhere at any time. Now you have the comfort and convenience of a warm and cozy home during bitter winters and a cool home during blistering summers.

Highlighted Features

  • You can use Alexa voice assistant to manage your Nest thermostat;
  • The digital displays of Nest thermostats are bright and easy to read;
  • It will help you to save energy and money by making your home more energy-efficient;
  • Make some manual adjustments and the Nest Thermostat will learn your routines to automatically adjust the temperature based on your habits and preferences;
  • The Nest Thermostat is designed with Farsight capabilities to light up whenever you enter the room and show you the time, weather or temperature. Choose between the analog or digital clock face;
  • Choose the color of your thermostat – Stainless Steel, Copper, White, and Black.
  • Also learn about how to set nest thermostat to hold temperature.

2. Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

Using the built-in Alexa voice assistant, the ecobee4 listens and responds to your voice commands. You can set the timer, have it read the news, change the temp settings, and much more. The ecobee4 cooperates well with other Alexa devices through ESP.

The thermostat offers a room sensor to pick up cold or hot spots in your home and deliver comfort settings to your important rooms.

The ecobee4 even detects when no one is at home so that it adjusts the temperature settings automatically. This feature will help you tremendously in saving energy.

Experience the ease and convenience of controlling your HVAC system with your smartphone from anywhere you are. Not only will the ecobee turn your AC on when it is hot and your heater on when it is cold, it will also pick up your local weather service to know the weather conditions outside your house.

Highlighted Features

  • Your thermostat measures the temp and room occupancy so that it can provide settings that are comfortable in the rooms that matter most;
  • with advanced sensors, data from external weather, and learned information from your HVAC ecobee saves you up to 23% on cooling and heating bills;
  • ecobee4 is compatible with most residential HVAC systems;
  • Installing your ecobee4 takes about 30 minutes and the app provides guidance to make it easy; If you don’t have a C-wire the power extender kit provided can be used;
  • ecobee4 actually works with more than one voice assistant – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple HomeKit, Wink, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

3. Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Using only your smartphone or tablet, you can manage the temperature at home or your office. Thanks to the cutting-edge Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart thermostat you are able to keep your home comfortable and save energy at the same time. Not only does this smart thermostat allow you to program it for a seven-day schedule of heating or cooling, it also adapts to your patterns and learns to set the temperature automatically based on your preferences.

Your Lyric T5 is easy to install and use and through its Wi-Fi connection, you can control not only the comfort of your home but its security as well. It is also quite easy to connect your thermostat to your smartphone.

The Lyric app that drives the thermostat uses geofencing to monitor your location and provide updates to your Lyric T5 thermostat so that it can automatically adjust temperature settings for your maximum comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • This thermostat works well with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri so you can give voice commands;
  • Uses seven-day flexible scheduling and geofencing to monitor the location of your smartphone;
  • Automatically adjusts to the correct temperature based on what it has learned about your routines and preferences;
  • Provides alerts about extreme temperatures and filter changes;
  • Certified as an Energy Star product.
  • Easy to setup 

4. Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat

Here is the perfect solution for maximum comfort, the Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat. It works well with Alexa so you can give it voice commands to heat or cool your home just the way you want it. You can determine the schedule for the Bosch thermostat and experience significant savings in both energy and money.

It automatically turns itself on and off as scheduled. Even when you are away from your home or business you can rest assured that they are under perfect control with this reliable thermostat.

With its full-color five-inch touchscreen display, the Bosch thermostat is quite easy to read and navigate. With the Bosch, you can easily set default preferences and it also adjusts quite easily to new environments and conditions.

It is very easy to control your Bosch thermostat from your tablet or smartphone from anywhere you are through your connection via Wi-Fi.

Highlighted Features

  • You are able to conserve energy and save money with this thermostat that you can connect to the Internet and link with Alexa;
  • This thermostat can be used with Heat Pumps or Conventional systems, any humidifier or dehumidifier that is powered by one wire, and most 24 VAC HVAC products on the market;
  • With new commercial updates, you can now use this thermostat to manage both steam type and evaporation external humidifier accessories.

5. Lux Products GEO-WH Wi-Fi Thermostat

No doubt with the Lux GEO wi-fi Thermostat you have full control over the temperature settings of your home and business. You have the peace of mind of knowing that even while you are away, your home or business place is properly heated or cooled. This is thanks to the innovative technology that drives smart thermostats like the Lux GEO.

It is so easy to install and once programmed, you have nothing else to worry about. Your thermostat works seamlessly to manage the temperature in your buildings and keep things balanced for the comfort of your family and all occupants. Its attractive design is suitable for your home and office décor, and the large display makes it easy to read.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa to enable voice commands;
  • Can be quickly installed like standard thermostats – can be mounted both horizontally and vertically;
  • Is easily programmed straight from the unit;
  • Geofencing option allows for “away” and “back” temperature settings;
  • Unit offers three power choices: battery only (includes two AA lithium batteries), system power (C-wire), or micro-USB connection (does not include the cord);
  • Sets date and time automatically and adjusts to daylight savings time;
  • Provides extreme temperature alerts and ‘device offline’ warnings.

6. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smart Home, ST55

In as little as 15 minutes you can install the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat and start managing your home’s heating and cooling conditions. Installation is as simple as using the Sensi mobile app to tell you wires that connect to your old thermostat and automatically configure its settings to match your home. The clearly illustrated instructions inside the Sensi app provide all the guidance you need to set up your thermostat and get started.

Your Emerson Sensi thermostat works well with oil, gas, heat pump, geothermal, and radiant heat systems.  It provides up to four stages of heating and two stages of cooling. You don’t need a common “C” wire to install your Sensi thermostat. That’s because your thermostat uses two standard AA batteries.

With two options to choose from in managing your home’s temperature – geofencing and the seven-day flexible scheduling – you are in control no matter the situation. The smart Sensi uses the location of your smartphone to automatically heat or cool your home whenever you are away or not.

Create the ideal heating and cooling schedule with the seven-day flexible scheduling feature.  Your Sensi thermostat works well with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink home automation, and Apple Homekit so you can use voice commands to get it to do whatever you want.

Highlighted Features

  • Control your home’s heating and cooling temperature from anywhere you like;
  • Compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Wink smart home, and Google Assistant;
  • Easy to install and has clear video instructions inside the app to follow along;
  • Geofencing and seven-day scheduling features help you save big on HVAC energy costs.

7. Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat

You can’t go wrong with the Orbit Clear Comfort Pro Thermostat when it comes to the best in energy efficiency. Each day of the week is taken care of with the programming that you can do with this smart thermostat. The digital LCD display is quite easy to read and the see-through faceplate adds to the unit’s sleek design.

Programming your Orbit thermostat is easy, even more so with the copy feature that eliminates you having to enter repeat schedules over and over again.

You will also enjoy the simple to use switches, fast programming buttons, sensitive temperature controls, and easy to understand thermostat controls. You also receive your Orbit thermostat with certain Energy Star recommended settings already programmed – all you need to do is to use them in your energy saving efforts.

You will save up to 33% from your utility bill. The good news also is that the Orbit thermostat works well with oil, gas or electric furnaces, central AC, two wire hot water systems, central cooling and heating systems.  In short, the Orbit thermostat is more versatile than others on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • The display is large and easy to read;
  • Can be programmed for seven-day periods individually (for up to four periods);
  • Programming time is reduced with the daily copy feature and the temporary and permanent hold mode;
  • Temperature readings are accurate – to +/- 1 degree (F and C);
  • Versatile thermostat – works with oil, gas, or electric furnaces, central AC, and other systems.

8. Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi 7 Day Programmable Color Touch Thermostat

Control your home’s temperate from anywhere with the Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat. With your Android, iPad, iPhone, and computer you can set, monitor, and change your home’s temperature settings to suit the occasion or the situation.

You can set the preferred temperature for your business when the building is occupied and not occupied. The Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat also learns your heat and cool cycles and adjusts the temperature at the correct degrees and at the right times.

A feature you will love is the ability to change the color of the touchscreen display of your thermostat to fit your mood and your home or office decor. This bright and easy to read display screen is also password protected to allow only users you have designated to access the thermostat.

In addition, you can lock the thermostat for a 30-second period to clean it (without inconvenience) and remove annoying fingerprints from the touchscreen. It is important that your home has a “C” wire to accommodate your Honeywell Smart Thermostat. If you don’t have one, get your electrician to install it.

Highlighted Features

  • Change your screen display color to suit your mood and décor;
  • Easy to set up for your home or business;
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control;
  • Helps you to save energy with programmable codes;
  • The touchscreen can be locked and password protected for convenience and safety,
  • Access it remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or computer with Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Service.

9. Elago Wall Plate Cover for Nest Learning Thermostat

If you care about the aesthetics of your thermostat then you will appreciate the Elago Wall Plate Cover that is designed especially for the Nest brand of the thermostat. It is as though the wall plate and the Nest thermostat were meant for each other.  No one would have guessed, by the look of the wall plate, that you had put it on after you have already bought your thermostat.

It covers any holes or other flaws on your wall very well, and it complements up the third-generation Nest thermostat. You will also love how easy it is to install – you don’t need expert help to get it done. The color and texture also blend well with your thermostat and general décor.

Highlighted Features

  • The Wall Plate Cover is designed to fit the Nest Learning Thermostat and is curved to complement the design of the thermostat itself;
  • It is easy to install the plate cover and your Nest Learning Thermostat looks much better; No remodeling is required for you to install this plate cover;
  • The wall plate cover is constructed from tough, long-lasting ABS. Each wall plate cover is given two coats to protect it for longer;
  • This wall plate cover goes well with every generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat (from 1st to 3rd).

10. Nashone Digital Wireless Temperature Timer, Remote Control Thermostat Timer

Finally, on this list of best thermostat systems is the Nashone Digital Wireless Temperature Timer. Although this is not a smart thermostat, it supports thermostats in their automatic adjustments to changing conditions. This digital temperature time is a cost-effective solution for those who cannot quite reach the budget for a smart thermostat.

Simply plug it into your socket then connect your heaters to your thermostat. Once you set the temperature that you require, the timer will automatically turn your electric heater on or off as the surrounding temperature changes.

You don’t need to do anything more with this unit, as it does everything automatically once you set the target temperatures. This unit helps to keep the temperature in your home stable so that you and your family will remain comfortable while you save energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature timer supports daylight saving time mode, whole-day cooling and heating, clock and work modes, and other powerful functions;
  • It maintains its programme even after a power outage and when battery power is lost;
  • Equipped with built-in temp sensor – automatically detects surrounding temperature and timer sets heating and cooling in motion once the desired temperature is reached;
  • Designed with a three-prong socket including a grounded terminal, protects against current overload and has a maximum current load of up to 15 amps.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider in a Smart Thermostat

When shopping for a smart thermostat, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. These will be deciding factors as you navigate the myriad of thermostat options out there.


You will definitely need a smart thermostat that is compatible with your heating and cooling systems. This means that the thermostat should work well with your air conditioning units and your home heating systems without fault. Some brands of smart thermostats work well with oil, gas, electric, and other heating and cooling systems, while other brands are quite limited in the number of systems they work well with.

Furthermore, if your home is equipped with multi-stage heating or cooling systems, you need to know whether the thermostat you are considering can support it.  Some brands support two or three stages, while others support much more. Read the product information carefully before you decide.


As with anything you buy, quality is an important consideration in choosing your next smart thermostat. There are different ways to tell whether you are getting a quality product. These may include the aesthetics, the material from which they are constructed, and the seal of approval from regulators (such as the Energy Star designation).

Read product information, reviews, and customer feedback on smart thermostats then select the one that meets all your quality criteria.


Most brands of smart thermostats boast an innovative and cutting-edge design. While it is quite important to consider design when choosing your smart thermostat, you would need to ensure that the design is also functional. You should be able to use your smart thermostat in the way it was intended.

Design considerations include the digital display (it should be easy to read), the controls (should be easy to use), the mount (should be secure), and the general aesthetics (to match your décor).

Smart Features

No smart thermostat is complete without smart features. This is really a no-brainer. You can tell you are getting a smart thermostat by the features. Such feature includes Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Alexa or other voice control platforms, automatic functions, ability to learn and adapt to your routines, and the ability to be programmed.

Regarding Wi-Fi, you will need to ensure that you have a powerful and functional wireless network around your home to get the most from your smart thermostat.

A few brands of thermostats also support more than one voice control platform, so you can actually choose one that will support the voice control system you already have. You will also find smart thermostats that you don’t need to program so often. They learn the temperatures that are best for you and your family (or occupants) and the times to make adjustments.

Ease of Installation

Installation of your smart thermostat should be easy and painless. Most brands are easy to install, even if you choose to do it yourself, there are clear and easy to follow instructions to help you. You may instead choose to use professional installers to set up your smart thermostat with your home heating and air conditioning systems. Either way, the easier it is to install your smart thermostat, the better.

Your Wiring

Before you install your new thermostat, you would also need to check your home’s wiring to ensure that you can actually connect your thermostat to your HVAC system. Some homeowners buy their smart thermostat only to discover that they cannot install it because their existing electrical wiring is missing crucial wires.

Luckily, it is possible to get your electrician to wire your home to accept the thermostat, but you could have avoided the extra cost by checking your wiring first then buying the thermostat that matches.

An alternative is to purchase a smart thermostat that operates on batteries and does not need a connection with the home wiring.  You might, however, find that most thermostats can be connected to your home wiring. One tip is to take a photo of your existing wires and take it with you when you shop for your thermostat. Learn Domestic RV Thermostat Wiring Diagram

Top Smart Thermostats Brands Available on The Market

In choosing your next smart thermostat, these top brands may be considered:

  • Nest: a very popular brand designed to adapt to the behavior and routine of the user (Google acquired it for a cool $3.2 Billion) offers thermostats that adjust automatically whenever the user is home or away. Read about Nest Thermostat E Wiring Diagram
  • Honeywell: actually a company founded around 1906 providing various electronics, engineering services, and a range of items. It offers thermostats that go back to 1885 (originally for coal furnaces).
  • Ecobee: a Canadian brand, founded in 2007, that offers the ecobee smart thermostat, a flagship product that can be connected using Wi-Fi.
  • Emerson: a brand of affordable digital thermostats produced by a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co., a 126-year old company based in Missouri, with 220 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Thermostat FAQs

1. What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a device that is used to heat the home or any other location based on the user’s habits, preferences, and programmed instructions.

The smart thermostat is operated remotely through the Internet and can be controlled via the smartphone and other electronic devices. It is programmable so that you can instruct it to turn your heating system on or off depending on your preferences or whether you are away or not.

The smart thermostat also provides you with data on how much energy you are consuming, monitors your pattern of heat use, and makes adjustments as necessary. With a smart thermostat, you can heat your home more efficiently without wasting energy and spending too much.

2. Difference between a smart thermostat and a standard thermostat?

Smart thermostats are networked to allow you to manage your home’s temperature in relation to various factors or situations. You can make adjustments to your smart thermostats remotely through the Internet with your desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The smart thermostat helps you to conserve energy and save money as it keeps your office, home, or other building heated as efficiently as possible.

Smart thermostats learn and adapt to your behavior and tell you in real-time how much energy you are consuming. They even make adjustments based on parameters you have set and surrounding conditions (such as humidity). With smart thermostats, you have full control over how energy is used.

Standard thermostats, on the other hand, are not programmable but need to be attended to each time you need to change the desired indoor temperature.

You are therefore responsible to adjust the temperature each time you leave your house, go to bed, or do anything else. If for any reason, you neglect to pay attention to your standard thermostat, you will find yourself using more energy than you should.

3. Can You Install It Yourself?

For most brands of smart thermostats, it is recommended that you hire a heating engineer who is a professional to install them.

If, however, you are great at doing installations yourself, you may go ahead.  When installing your smart thermostat yourself, follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps, mistakes, and damage to your equipment.

Final Verdict

Now that you have our top ten recommendations for the best smart thermostats on the market you can decide on which one to buy. Your final choice will ultimately be the thermostat that really meets your expectations.

The bottom line is that you need a smart thermostat that makes life at home and your office most convenient and bearable. No more should you contend with the discomfort of extreme temperatures – not with a smart thermostat on your side.

The difference between suffering through biting cold or blistering heat and being cozy no matter the weather is an efficient smart thermostat.




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