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10 Best Pool Thermometer Reviews 2021

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Is the swimming pool your favorite place? Or your kids may love to spend time in the pool with you. You may hold a party around the swimming pool and have a nice break after the weekend. So, keeping your pool perfect for the human body is a must. You have to keep the pool water and pool deck clean. The temperature of the pool water is the most critical fact among all the necessary things. It is a must to maintain it.

It is very crucial to keep the temperature correct all the time. The best pool thermometer is the thing that fulfills the demand. It will monitor the pool water temperature and update it at a regular time interval. So, you have to find one pool thermometer that provides an excellent service to you. Get one from the list below. 

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Why You Need A Pool Thermometer?

It is imperative to keep the temperature standstill in a short-range to have the best experience in your swimming pool. Too high or too cold both are problematic for the human body. In addition, you will enjoy yourself with your children. So, it is about the safety of you as well as your kids. 

When the temperature is below 60-degree Fahrenheit, it will be icy, and you will have a shock. The cold water will let the blood vessel widen to adjust the movement of the warm blood with this cold temperature. Gradually, the blood vessel will start to shrink to compensate for the temperature. After shrinking, it will again open, and that’s when the cold water will enter through the veins. It will cause hypothermia. 

When the temperature is hot, it will cause sudden dehydration, muscle spasms, or cramps. Hot water will increase the body temperature, and you’ll start sweating gradually with time. Then you will get an attack of the issues. 

So, it would be best if you can keep the pool water temperature between 83-degree Fahrenheit and 88-degree Fahrenheit. So, you just need a pool thermometer. Have one pool thermometer and avoid all the risks. Get the best fantastic feeling in your pool.

Types of Pool Thermometer

There are several ways to maintain the pool water temperature. The pool heaters also have a thermostat to trace the temperature. There are some extra benefits of a pool thermometer. It is handy and flexible to use. It ensures that you will have an accurate and precise temperature reading at the time. 

There are mainly three types of thermometers, including digital, analog, and infrared.

The digital thermometer has a wireless display to show the unit of the temperature reading at different places or an individual unit to show the temperature. It can be floating or sinking. It can be wireless or corded.

An analog pool thermometer is a typical thermometer that uses the traditional mercury line to show the reading. Since the mercury-filled thermometer can be damaged or break easily if handles underwater, it can be risky to use.

An infrared thermometer is the most accessible thermometer to use as you and take the temperature by only pointing it to the water. 

The digital wireless thermometer is the most used. You can choose as your interest.

Best Pool Thermometer Reviews

In all the pool thermometers in the market, some best thermometers have a great combination of necessary features. It will make it easy to have them in one list with the details. Here is the most definitive list. Let’s know them and choose one. 

1. Bluefree Floating Pool Thermometer

Blufree Pool Thermometer Floating, Shatter Resistant, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Pond Water Thermometer for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, Aquariums & Pond
  • 【Premium Quality】The pond thermometer is made from durable material & shatter resistant, so...
  • 【Cartoon Design and Multifunctional】This floating pool thermometer use animal cartoon...
  • 【Accurate Temperature Reading】The pool thermometer floating easy read is with...

A pool thermometer is an essential part of ensuring the safety rom pool water and providing a better lukewarm feel. Yes, it is a superb time-passing option to stay at the swimming pool. It offers the best fun and enjoyment with great exercise.

Ensuring the temperature of the water is the responsibility of the pool thermometer. Bluefree thermometer fulfills the demand accurately. It points out the precise temperature and shows you to keep the temperature at the right spot. 

Bluefree thermometer is one of the best pool thermometers to ease your job. It floats smoothly, and you can use it as a toy. The durable material-made construction allows you to be old in long on the water. The shatter-resistant structure is safe to hold and use it.

The animal cartoon picture design on the cover of this thermometer is a kid-friendly design. Your kids also can keep it and get the enjoyment at best. The number on the thermometer is large enough to make it see easily. Even children can read it.

After ensuring the temperature of the water, you will feel the best and like to stay submerged. The pool temperature gauge provides temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. So, keep the thermometer with you and get the fantastic benefit of it.


  • Durable construction
  • Shatter-resistant condition
  • Kid-friendly cartoon design
  • Precise temperature reading


  • Long time stay underwater decreases the life

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2. Buoy Cord Swimming Pool Thermometer with Jumbo Display

Floating Buoy Pool Thermometer with Jumbo EZ Read Display & Cord- Water Temperature Test Tube for Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, & Spa - Fahrenheit & Celsius, No Batteries Required
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made with durable, shatter-resistant ABS plastic to last year in and year out
  • EASY TO READ: Jumbo, EZ-Read display with extra-large numerals saves your eyesight
  • TWO DEGREES: Fahrenheit and Celsius displays on an alcohol-based indicator

Buoy comes with another best pool thermometer to offer better features. When you get the best feel with the perfect temperature, you will love to stay in your swimming pool. Your kids will also like to spend time in the pool. Buoy thermometer makes it sure.

As it is used under or over the water, the structure must be made of solid material. This thermometer is made of ABS plastic that keeps it durable for long. The shatter-proof feature keeps it intact for several years. After buying one, you do not have to plan for the next soon.

There is a large-sized display with an alcohol-based indicator. You will have temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. It includes a polyethylene cord which is handy and with a waterproof cover.

This cord is of a convenient size that is 9 by 2.75 inches. You can keep it floating on the water body and get the temperature. You have to submerge the thermometer to get the precise temperature, and you’ll get it within only 5 to 10 seconds. It is easy to do. 

The thermometer is durable enough to pass a whole year. Enjoy comforting water and have fun


  • Long-lasting
  • Large numerical presentation of the reading
  • Floating ability
  • Easy to use and handy in size


  • Float in a vertical side position

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3. Large-size Turtle-designed Milliard Pool Thermometer

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Turtle, Large Size with String, for Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tub, Spa and Pond
  • Thermometer is 7” tall and reads in both F° and C°.
  • Includes rope tether to keep the thermometer from floating away.
  • Turtle-shaped top adds fun and décor to your pool.

Life becomes fun when you get to your swimming pool after passing your hectic day. It gives better pleasure and fantastic relaxation. To get complete heart-content moderation, there is no alternative to pool-time. You have to keep your pool clean and clear to have the amaze to the fullest.

While enjoying your pool, you have to pass the time worry-free. If the water is not proper enough, the relaxation hamper. Thermometers do the job. Milliard thermometer is that type of thermometer which can increase enjoyment.

You will see a turtle is floating around you and keeping you warm enough to get the best pleasure. Seven inches tall thermometer is under the water keeping its turtle design on the water. Kids will love it.

It provides an accurate temperature of the water to instruct you in making hot water. It should not be hot, and that is the mentioned temperature tell. The structure is made of ABS plastic which is absolutely perfect. ABS plastic makes it strong enough to last for several seasons.

There is a rope tether that helps in keeping it in place. So, the thermometer ensures the best safety, better arrangement, and lovely decorative design to amuse you.


  • Turtle shape design at the top
  • Durable plastic made
  • Rope tether included
  • Precision in temperature reading


  • Soft handling needed to decrease the chance of breakage

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4. Kingsource Premium Pool Thermometer

Kingsource Large Floating Pool Thermometer, Water Temperature Thermometers with String for Outdoor & Indoor Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs,Fish Ponds Thermometer Floating Easy Read
  • ✅ EASY TO READ - Large Numbers Reading Display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Reads Up to 100...
  • ✅ FLOATING -  Lightweight Design Can Float On Water's Surface Easily For Best...
  • ✅ ACCURATE - Measures Pool and Spa Water Temperature and Provide Accurate Reading.

You may have your swimming pool or spa, hot tub, fish aquarium, or fish pond. Whatever water body it is, it must have the perfect temperature. For the imperfect temperature, fishes may hurt in the aquarium or pond. In the spa, the temperature means the service.

If the temperature is wrongly set, you will not have fun to the fullest in your swimming pool. Hot tubs mean for the bathe at the correct temperature. Everything can be well-managed if you have the kingsource thermometer. It will track the temperature and let you correct it in time.

This thermometer provides a more significant temperature reading display. It gives temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and 100-degree Fahrenheit.

With this extensive temperature reading, it is evident that the material is powerful enough to stay at a high temperature. The superior quality material of the thermometer makes it another best digital pool thermometer. The thermometer’s body is tear-proof. You can use it for several years in tension-free. 

This thermometer is floating-able. But there is a snap-on and snap-off button to turn the floating ability on and off. So, the control is in your hand. The rope leash with the anchor makes it a sinking pool thermometer. It is easy to use and manage. The rigid body handling is also easy.


  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Large display
  • Strong body
  • Premium quality


  • Floating alignment can be faulty

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5. Pentair Tube Pool Thermometer

Pentair R141036 127 Tube Thermometer with ABS Case and 3-Feet Cord
  • Tube thermometer
  • High-quality pool and spa thermometers help deliver accurate temperature readings for greater...
  • Pool thermometers also provide crucial information about the performance of pool heating...

At the weekend, swimming is so relaxing and fun that you badly need this time for the pool. So, there should not be any mistakes and confusion. Security is the first concern. Coldwater or too hot water is not preferable. So, how can you be sure of perfection? Here comes the Pentair thermometer. 

The most durable and robust body made by ABS plastic makes the thermometer absolutely suitable for several years. It will be part of your enjoyment.

Make your time entertainment. Float this thermometer and measure the temperature of the water. Refill the pool with perfectly heated water. Enjoy the lukewarm water while staying calm and soothing in the pool. You can enjoy yourself with your kids.

The temperature is a necessary term when it comes to your pool. It must be correct. This thermometer provides a precise and accurate temperature. It can record temperatures up to 100-degree Fahrenheit. The thermometer is tube-sized.

It allows the best floating alignment. Many floating thermometers cannot float at the correct alignment. Pentair ensures it. The three feet long cord gives the better movement option. You can take it long away from the connection, and it works well. So, grab this thermometer as soon as possible to have fun.


  • Accuracy in reading
  • Long cord for better movement
  • Tube structure for the better alignment
  • Powerful construction


  • Fluid takes more time to reach the temperature reading

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6. SplashTech Sinking Pocket Pool Thermometer

SplashTech Pocket Reservoir Pool Thermometer, Large – Dual Display Scale, Sinking for Accurate Readings - Swimming Pool Maintenance Equipment for Indoor/Outdoor Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Pond, Jacuzzi
  • POCKET RESERVOIR POOL THERMOMETER: A pool maintenance essential. Alcohol-based thermometer with...
  • DUAL DISPLAY READOUT: Dual Fahrenheit and Celsius displays. Max high temperatures: 120 F, 50 C
  • HIGHER ACCURACY: Convenient pocket reservoir holds water for out-of-pool readings

To bring an upgraded swimming experience, SplashTech comes with a splendid digital wireless pool thermometer with a dual-display option. You will have temperatures in both grades, Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. It can provide a temperature maximum of 120 Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Celsius.

The accuracy is a must you will have. It will show you the exact way to create a heaven environment in your swimming pool. At the weekend, you will get the best pleasure with your kids.

The most practical matter of this thermometer is that you can keep it in your pocket. The size is like it suits the pocket size, and you will go down into the water at your convenience when you feel like measure the temperature again by sinking the thermometer.

It offers more accuracy than the floating thermometer. The alcohol-based thermometer reading is easy to read for the more extensive numerous presentations. The body of this thermometer is strong plastic-made. You can use it daily, and you do not have any complaints. 

Find this outstanding support to have the best entertainment in your pool.


  • Pocket-sized thermometer
  • Dual degree display
  • High precision
  • Easy to read and see


  • It takes time to reach the temperature

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7. Aquatix Pro Large-sized Pocket pool Thermometer

Aquatix Pro Jumbo Pool Thermometer, Premium Water Thermometers with String, Integrated Pocket & Shatter Resistant, Ideal for All Outdoor/Indoor Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Ponds
  • NO GUESS WORK: Aquatix Pro Pool Thermometers Provide Accurate Reading in Both Fahrenheit and...
  • PREMIUM BUILD: Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Thermometer, Exceptional Quality, Large Integrated...
  • JUMBO SIZE: Clear Large Temperature Reading Display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Reads Up to 120...

If you depend on your guesswork to have the perfect temperature in your pool, it will go wrong mostly. You may never have the proper temperature setting. But this is the main thing which determines your enjoyment or relaxing level.

So, get the Aquatix Pro thermometer and make perfection in your water of the pool. It is because swimming has more meaning instead of having to bathe. You will have your relaxing time and as well as quality time with your family. It can be party time.  

Perfect temperature also determines the safety to a specific level. If the water is hotter or too colder, it will be harmful to the kids. Aquatix is a jumbo-sized thermometer. It is easy to see the numbers on the wall of this thermometer.

As it will go underwater, it must be made of shatter-proof material. Yes, the Aquatix is made of durable plastic material that helps in long-term use. This thermometer is not only for the swimming pool but also proper for the spa, hot tubs, ponds, etc. So, it will meet every water temperature controlling purpose. 


  • Highly durable
  • Large-size for better handling
  • Superior quality structure
  • Heavy-duty thermometer


  • Temperature reading reaching takes time

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8. Ambient Weather 8-channel Wireless Thermometer

Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer
  • LCD display
  • Eight channel selectable switch
  • Thermometer update rate: 60 seconds

As the temperature is a significant matter for swimming pools or other water bodies, you must trace its temperature. If the temperature is not suitable for your kids, they may be harmed. So keep the Ambient Weather pool thermometer with you and ensure better safety.

You will see the temperature on the large display on it. This LCD is easy to read, that your kids will also be able to use it. They will have fun while getting the temperature at a regular interval.

There are eight switches to select for different locations. This is a solar pool thermometer that runs using solar power. You also can use it by inserting the battery. You can add eight sensors to use as air temperature tracer, temperature probe, pool thermometer or spa thermometer, etc. You can select the temperature-providing way. You can have it in Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

The thermometer has the power to hold memory to keep the outdoor and indoor temperature readings. Therefore, it takes significantly less time to monitor the temperature and update from time to time. Within 60 seconds, you will get the temperature change. All the innovative features make this thermometer very supportive of enhancing the beauty of your pool.


  • Large LCD
  • Fast temperature update
  • Eight location channel switches
  • Memory to record the temperature


  • Moisture may cause sensor failure

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9. Homga Turtle-designed Pool Thermometer

Homga Floating Pool Thermometer, Swimming Pool Thermometer with String, Floating Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Bath Water, Spas,Hot Tubs, Aquariums and Fish Ponds (Gray Turtle Thermometer)
571 Reviews
Homga Floating Pool Thermometer, Swimming Pool Thermometer with String, Floating Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Bath Water, Spas,Hot Tubs, Aquariums and Fish Ponds (Gray Turtle Thermometer)
  • ❤ Durable Material: Swimming pool thermometer made of sturdy plastic, premium quality,so...
  • ❤ Accurate Readout: Pool water thermometers is with high-precision temperature sensor which...
  • ❤ Easy To Use: This pool thermometer provides a convenient line of pumping, which allowing...

You go to your swimming pool to have fun and to get relaxation. It is the best time to spend with your kids too. So, you have to maintain the temperature of the water and ensure complete safety. When the thermometer is kid-friendly, it will meet double demands. Isn’t it?

At the top part of the thermometer, there is a turtle design imposed. It brings much pleasure and fun to your kids. They love to see that turtle is floating around them. 

It floats nicely without any mistakes in alignment. The top turtle design not only gives the fun but also ensures a nice floating balance. It is not only found in turtle design.

You will also find it in goldfish or shark cartoon toy designs. Whatever your child likes, grab it from the market. The robust and powerful plastic makes the body of this thermometer which ensures that it will stay with you for long. You can handle it quickly and get temperature frequently.

The temperature reading range is much flexible. You can trace it from zero degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. It is easy to get cold water temperature and also hot water temperature. The sensor of the thermometer ensures accuracy and perfection of the temperature reading. Only warm water is not enough. It should be perfect. This thermometer makes it sure to bring perfection.


  • Long-lasting material made
  • Accuracy and precision are at a high point
  • Easy to handle 
  • Kid-friendly design and structure


  • The attached string is short

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10. Game Tiki Tether Included Pool Thermometer

GAME 13034 Tiki Spa and Pool Thermometer Shatter-Resistant Casing Tether Included, Fahrenheit and Celsius, 9-in Height x 3-1/2-in Diameter
  • DECORATIVE TIKI POOL THERMOMETER: The GAME Tiki Spa and Pool thermometer is a durable and...
  • LARGE, EASY-TO-READ NUMBERS: This floating temperature gauge features large, easy-to-read...
  • SHATTER-RESISTANT: Our pool and hot tub thermometer is made from high-quality,...

The design of the Tiki tether at the top of the thermometer makes it childish, and it makes sure that kids will have fun seeing the Tiki around them. This thermometer is large enough that your kid can tell you about the temperature range of the water.

It floats and traces the temperature and gives updates every minute. The design decorates the pool water and keeps track of temperature as well. If there is any temperature fluctuation, you can adjust it in time. So, there will be no hindrance to temperature control. 

The shatter-resistant material-made thermometer will be your assistant for a longer period. It will give you time to time updates and provide health-friendly nature towards you. There is no toxic liquid inside, and it is also easy to handle. This is another best wireless pool thermometer to show temperatures both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The tether provides some weight to keep it still and not to go far away from you.  

So, have it as soon as possible and add a couple of other floating toys to your pool. Then, spend extraordinary times with your family and friends.


  • High-quality material made
  • Non-toxic fluid included
  • Kid-friendly designed tether at top
  • Float in an outstanding balance


  • Reading is not well-decorated

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How To Choose A Pool Thermometer: Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable pool thermometer may seem difficult if you do not know how to check them before buying. So, understand the terms and check if all the requirement is included in the thermometer. 

Type of Thermometer

The digital thermometer is safe and sound to use. Analog thermometer uses mercury lines that can be risky. If it breaks somehow, the mercury will harm and destroy the water system. Digital thermometer provides more accuracy and precision comparing to others. You may think of the infrared thermometer too. It is also considerable. 

You may be confused about choosing a thermometer among the floating, hanged, or sinking thermometers. A floating thermometer is flexible to use than a hanged or sinking thermometer. But it takes less accurate reading than others. The submerged thermometer shows more accuracy


If the display is not clear enough, the thermometer may help a little. There is an LCD digital thermometer. Besides, there is a standard floating thermometer with an extensive reading showing lines. Check this term before buying. The numerical presentation should also be easy to read.


You must not want to buy the pool thermometer frequently. Besides, if a thermometer breaks on water, it will mix the fluid with the water. It will become harmful. If the body is made of glass, it will also be havoc. If the thermometer is of mercury, it will damage a lot. So, you should check the durability at first and material which makes the structure. 


Whether digital or analog or floating or submerged or hanged, it must provide an accurate temperature. If the temperature is not correct, the purpose of the thermometer will fail. So you have to check if the thermometer shows proper temperature reading and correct update at a short time interval. 

Check all these feature’s presence while buying a pool thermometer for your pool. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

While using the pool thermometer, you may have several questions in your mind. As it is about safety and comfort, you should clear out will the confusion. Let’s know the answers to the common question that may arise in your mind.

#1. How to use the pool thermometer?

Ans: In terms of a digital pool thermometer, you float it on the water and show the display’s temperature reading. You also have to take the temperature, in the same way, using the analog thermometer. If you have the infrared thermometer, you have to point to the pool, bringing the temperature.

#2. What is the pool thermometer made?

Ans: There are thermometers made of glass or plastic. The inside fluid can be a vegetable oil, mercury, or another liquid. Plastic made thermometer is preferable to glass to keep it risk-free.

#3. What is the perfect pool temperature?

Ans: The most comfortable temperature for the pool water is from 83-degree Fahrenheit to 88-degree Fahrenheit. The ideal one is 86-degree Fahrenheit.

#4. How accurate is the pool thermometer reading?

Ans: The accuracy is underwhelming regarding the pool thermometer reading. You can trust it.

#5. How to calibrate the pool thermometer?

Ans: At first, put the probe of the thermometer under the water. The sensing area must be submerged. Let it stay underwater for 30 seconds. Now, adjust it in the 32-degree Fahrenheit.

Final words

Pool water can cause pleasant times or wreaking havoc if the temperature is not correctly maintained. The temperature of the pool does affect not only the human body but also the water health. It determines the safety and favorable environment for necessary water bacteria.

Choosing a thermometer will not be difficult anymore. Check this page that includes the best pool thermometer and select one for your need.  The floating digital thermometer offers the best enjoyment in your swimming pool.



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