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The Best Dog Thermometer in 2021

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Dogs are our best friends. They are sensitive and naive. Caring for them is our responsibility. Dogs like to play around you all time. While playing around, it is common to get hurt or injured somehow. Besides, in different weather conditions or for some genetic causes, they get sick. At the time of breeding or pregnancy, they also need to care genuinely. To take care of your dog, there is no alternative to a thermometer.

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Yes, you have to monitor your dog’s temperature to know their health problems. The best dog thermometer can be a great support to tackle the tricky situation of your dog. If you can monitor the fever temperature, it will help your vet diagnose your dog’s health issues and provide the correct medication and suggestions. So get the right dog thermometer and care for your dog.

Different Types of dog thermometer

There are mainly two types of dog thermometers. One is the rectal thermometer, and the other is the digital ear thermometer.

Rectal thermometer: Rectal thermometers are more accurate in tracking the temperature of their bodies. That is why it is more preferable and recommended by vets. Most of the rectal pet thermometers are cheaper comparatively. As it is being used in the dog’s anus, you have to maintain the hygienic cautions. 

In-ear thermometer: These thermometers measure the temperature from their eardrum areas. You have put the thermometer inside the ears of dogs. When your pet does not allow you to use a rectal thermometer, you can use this digital thermometer. However, it does not assure the best accuracy in reading as the rectal thermometer.

8 Best Dog Thermometer Reviews

In the market, there are many dog thermometers, and collecting one is a hassle. So here is a list of top dog thermometers that will help you choose the right one for your dog. With all the feature details, you will get a chance to think and choose correctly. So let’s explore them and select one.

1. Zoo Med Labs Digital Dog Thermometer

Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge, Single (TH-31)
  • Digital read out
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Waterproof probe. Uses one LR44, 1.5 v battery

Your dog’s health is your responsibility. On the other hand, fever is the first stage of almost every health issue of dogs. In such cases, you must trace the fever temperature of your dog frequently. Zoo Med digital thermometer will support you in this challenging time. To diagnose the disease of your dog, the veterinary doctor needs a thorough fever monitoring report. So, it is much essential to track the temperature correctly at a regular time interval.

Your pet dog may act disturbing while you take the temperature of its body. This thermometer has a long probe and an efficient sensor to make your job easy. The sensor uses advanced technology to sense the temperature and provide the correct reading every use. But, it is hard to keep the dogs in the hospital or stay with a sick dog. So, keep track of its temperature or fever and take the necessary steps at the right time.

This thermometer is perfect to use for dogs at every stage of age. So, you can use it orally or rectally. The extended flexible probe allows taking temperature without hurting your pet. The exactness of the temperature is also so sure that you do not have to worry about the thermometer’s accuracy. The build material is also vital to use for pets ideally. There are wo different sensors and probes to track the temperature of the body and the humidity of the air. So, you can be sure that your pet is staying in safe weather. So, grab it as soon as you can.


  • Easy to read the temperature
  • Double use
  • Dual temperature unit
  • Waterproof material made


  • May not provide the correct reading after using long 

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2. iProven Waterproof Pet Thermometer

iProven Pet Thermometer (Termometro) for Accurate Fever Detection - Suitable for Cats/Dogs - Waterproof Pet Thermometer - Fast Readings Dog Thermometer/Cat Thermometer - DT-K117
  • COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PET - The thermometer can be used for pets and is designed to be...
  • FAST AND ACCURATE - This thermometer gives the temperature in only 20 seconds. Our...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The thermometer is easy to clean and waterproof. This makes cleaning the...

Pets are naive. They will not understand the necessity of tracking temperature often. They will be disturbed for the frequent thermometer use. If they hurt, they will not allow you to do this to them. so the thermometer should be soft. iProven comes with a thermometer that is flexible and soft to use at a different position. You can use this thermometer orally, rectally, or axillary. Pet will not feel any pain. Sometimes, they will not feel anything. The soft tip will gently stay in the correct position and track the temperature correctly.

It takes only 20 seconds to sense the temperature, and then it provides in the device. The accuracy of the temperature reading is proven. Besides, this thermometer is made of waterproof and durable material to work with a piece for a long time. As you are using this thermometer for your pet, cleaning it well is a must. This dog rectal thermometer is easy to clean with the solution. You should clean it after every use. You can cover the probe with matched probe cover while storing. 

Pets have higher body temperature than human beings. When it is over 101 degrees, then it is about fever. When your pet is feeling dizzy, you should trace the body temperature immediately. Then, keep monitoring and show it to your vet. It will be a great help to provide proper medication in time. 

As you have to use this thermometer so often and roughly for your pet, it should be strong enough to hold up on the pet movement. iProven thermometer is perfect for harsh long-run use.


  • Pet-friendly soft and flexible tip
  • Solid and durable material made
  • Waterproof and hygienic 
  • Quick and precise reading


  • Battery loses power fast

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3. Enji Prime Oral and Rectal Pet Thermometer

Fast 10 Seconds Body Fever Thermometer for Adults, Children, Kids, Infants, Babies and Pets. Oral, Rectal and Underarm, Digital Termometro, Memory Recall, Auto Power Off and Fever Alert, F and C
  • One Thermometer For All: Fast and accurate, easy to use and clean, soft and flexible; this...
  • Accurate Fast Reading Termometro: This is what you need to have during emergencies. This...
  • 3 in 1 Thermometer: Flexibility and accuracy are the best selling features of the Enji Oral...

The thermometer is for supporting health problems. If it is painful, it is not acceptable. Enji Prime brings a pet thermometer that is comfortable for pets. They will not feel any pain even if you use this device in its rectum. The soft skin of the dog or cat will not get a bit of scratch. This thermometer is easy to clean because it is waterproof. You can wash it using water and soap. You also can clean it by rubbing alcohol. 

The incredible convenience of this digital thermometer for dogs is that you can use it for pets and human beings. You can use it for the rectal use for your baby or pet, and also you can use it for adult oral use. It increases the reliability and dependency on it. You will feel it as a great support in your hard time. The water-poof nature resists it to make a mess while using for your pets. 

In terms of the accuracy of the result, there is no tension. You’ll get the perfect temperature every time you use it at a different position. The dial is easy to see and read right when you are tracking the temperature in its body. The tip is away from the dial that gives you an easy watch of the reading and safety of the battery sensor. In this LCD, you can switch the temperature unit. So, the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit is available. For offering the exactness in the reading, this thermometer uses an advanced sensor. 

This thermometer comes with a storing probe cover and case. So, when you are keeping well and do not need the thermometer, you can store it worry-free. Nothing will damage inside the casing. 


  • Waterproof nature for easy handling and cleaning
  • Strong material made
  • Easy to read and see the reading on large LCD
  • The precise result every time


  • Slower comparatively

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4. ADC Dual Scale Pet Thermometer

ADC Veterinary Thermometer, Dual Scale, Adtemp 422
  • Dual scale with a range of 90°F - 111.9°F ±.2°F (32.0°C - 43.9°C ±.1°C)
  • Replaceable 1.55V (Lr41) coin-type battery (included) provides up to 1, 500 measurements
  • Specially designed housing with lanyard attachment for enhanced removal

Even if a thermometer is suitable for all the purposes, including for adults, babies, and pets, ADC brings a specialized veterinary thermometer. This thermometer is perfect for your dogs or cats. This digital thermometer is the best veterinary thermometer for its pet-friendly design. It runs with the power of replaceable coin-designed batteries, which are easy to set and handle. If you have to change it, you can do it yourself without any issues. 

These batteries work on 1.55 volts that is enough to run the thermometer for long. You can work with the thermometer for 1500 temperature measurements. This thermometer is specialized for pets, and that is why it has a high-temperature range. Pets have higher body temperature as a standard term. This thermometer can measure from 90 degrees to 111.9 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can measure temperature in Celsius units. 

The structure is such that it cannot harm your pets in any way. The probe is soft and flexible, which enables it to use in rectal use too. For the perfect temperature reading, rectal use is sometimes necessary. This digital pet thermometer comes with a carry case and five sheaths for a probe. It protects the thermometer while you keep it for storage. Thus, you can store it for a long without any worry when you do not need to use it.

There is an exceptionally designed housing for pets within the lanyard attached. It increases safety and also flexibility. So, get this thermometer and have the benefits.


  • Dual temperature counting units
  • Extensive range of temperature count
  • Clear digital dial
  • High-quality material made


  • Quite expensive

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5. Hurinan Electronic Vet Thermometer

Animal Electronic Ehermometer Pet Thermometer Digital Thermometer is a Fast Rectal Thermometer for Dogs,Horse, Cats, Pigs,Sheep
  • [Hurinan Thermometer] Fast and accurate rectal temperature, a small 3-inch-long probe allows...
  • [Easy to Use] Safe, Easy to Use, Saves Time and Cost, Reduces Stress for Clinicians and...
  • [Sturdy] The sturdy, smooth exterior is easily disinfected with soap or alcohol. The probe...

Maintaining the health problems of your pets is a hassle job. All the hassle will lessen after using hurinan thermometer. It is another best thermometer for dogs, horses, cats, and poultry too. For the suitability of your pets, it has a probe of only 3 inches. The probe is soft and flexible for comfort. As it is not painful to the pets, you will not have any problems or hassle in tracking their temperature frequently. You also can use it as a rectal thermometer for dogs or other pets. 

Tracing temperature is fast and easy when you work with this thermometer. A specialized advanced sensor is used in this thermometer for better accuracy in the temperature reading. The dial is compact but easy to read for its 4-bit LCD structure. You can easily see and understand it for the large view option. This thermometer can provide temperature in both units- Celsius and Fahrenheit. You just have to switch the unit by pressing a button. It is easy.

This digital thermometer is made of solid and smooth textured material that makes it comfortable for pets. It is flexible to handle, too, for its operating system and nice-finished design. You can clean or wash it with soap or alcohol. The waterproof nature will help in disinfecting it properly. For pet use, it is easy and safe. With fast temperature tracking, you can save time and cost. In addition, the durable material lets it stay with you and your pet for a long. 


  • Accuracy and precision in temperature reading is sure
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Solid and powerful material made
  • Soft and flexible tip 
  • Both oral and rectal temperature reading


  • Price is high

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6. AURYNNS Digital Veterinary Anus Thermometer

AURYNNS Pet Thermometer Dog Thermometer, Fast Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Pet Thermometer for Dogs, Cats, Horse,Cattle, Pigs,Birds, Sheep.(Battery Included)
  • Fast Pet Thermometer for all pets. Accurate to within +/- 0.2°F.
  • Measure pets temperature in anus, not in Ear or Mouth.
  • LCD display & Memory function

Measuring temperature is an important step to check on your pet’s health issue. It is difficult as it is about a pet. Turning this tough job into an easy one is done by the AURYNNS. They built an excellent and advanced pet thermometer. It is an ideal rectal pet thermometer as it is designed for doing this purpose. The probe of the thermometer is constructed such; it does not harm your pet dog. They o not feel any types of pain and so it is easy to use. Your pet will not disturb you at all. 

This is another best pet thermometer for its specialized updated features. It has a memory function that can record temperature readings. You can see the last temperature reading when you start this thermometer. The LCD makes it easy to read at one glance. Frequent use of this thermometer is hassle-free and straightforward. Even if you do not have any experience using the pet thermometer, you can operate it fine. 

You have to start this thermometer and put it into the pet anus. It is faster. It will take less time to track the temperature. If you forget to shut it off, the auto shut off option will stop it after 2 minutes of inactiveness. The alarming option is there to alert you if the temperature exceeds the average point. If the alarm is beeping, you will understand that you have to take your dog to a vet. So, why don’t you grab it from the market and make your tough time easy and comfortable?


  • The temperature reading is accurate
  • Alarm for alerting at high temperature
  • Auto shut off and easy to LCD
  • The temperature measuring range is preferable


  • Slower comparatively

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7. Advanced Monitors Dog Ear Thermometer

Advanced Monitors PT-300 Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer for Dogs and Cats. Know When to Take Your Pet to the Vet!
  • Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system....

As a rectal thermometer can provide more accuracy in body temperature reading, the ear pet thermometer is also responsible for precision in reading. The flexible and soft tip of this thermometer is specialized for use in the pet’s ear. The size of the probe is perfect for dogs, cats, or other animals. They will not feel any harm or a little pain in their ear. They will think that it is such a soft touch inside the ear and will not disturb you during temperature tracing time. 

This thermometer is also easy to operate on its flexible arm. The arm is kept folded when stored. It keeps the thermometer probe safe for along at the storing time. When you work with it, open the arm and open the probe sheath before placing it into the pet ear. There is an excellent clear and standard-sized digital display that is easy to see and understand at one sight. It minimizes your time use. 

This thermometer is strong material made. You may have to use this thermometer several times to track the fever temperature of your pet. Therefore, this device is vital to hold for rough use and frequent operation. You can see the temperature in both units-Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Pets get irritated when they feel the touch of the thermometer. So, the fast temperature reading is a necessary feature. This thermometer provides a temperature reading within only one second. There is no compromise for the fast operation. It gives an accurate result. For the better safety of the pet ears, it uses probe cover while using this thermometer. You have to cover the probe with a probe cover and then insert it into the pet’s ear. It is simple and secured in every way.


  • Digital reading with accuracy
  • Flexibility in operation
  • Easy to use and safe and comfortable for dog ears
  • Long-lasting structure


  • More expensive

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8. Mindpet-Med Quick Clinical Infrared Dog Thermometer

MINDPET-MED Fast Clinical Pet Thermometer for Dogs, Cats, Animals with 3 Switchable Modes (Body, Object Surface Temp,Room), Body Modes accurately Measures pet Ear Temperature, C/F Switchable
  • Fast reading in 1 second without contacting to pets, close to ear,32 memories recall help you...
  • High contrast backlight for clearly reading, Celsius or Fahrenheit switchable
  • Animal friendly, special design for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other big ear animals.

If your pet seems sick, you have to measure the temperature of their body. As their average body temperature is high, you do not understand if your pet has a fever without checking it using a thermometer. Besides, a pet’s body temperature is an essential fact at the time of breeding and pregnancy.

Furthermore, if your pet goes for any trauma, injury, or surgery, their temperature tracing becomes more critical. Mindpet-Med comes with an ear thermometer for dogs or other pets with unique features.

Within one second, you will have the temperature reading. So, the operation will be like a touch to the dog’s ear, and then the reading is ready. Pets will feel nothing, let alone any irritation. The most fantastic feature of this thermometer is that it has a memory function to record 32 measurements. Incredibly, it helps vet doctors so much that they see the records and understand half the problems. It works like a big hand for the vets. 

As you have to monitor the temperature of your pet day and night when he is seriously ill, you do not have to worry a bit. This thermometer has a backlight for night vision. This high contrast backlight enables you to track temperature at night. And you do not have to memorize or keep a record of the temperature as it has the memory feature. 

There is an auto alarm that you can customize. Yes, a customizable alarm. You will set your required or desired temperature. When it gets more than that temperature reading, it will beep and alert you. You can use it as you like. 


  • Faster temperature reading
  • An alarming auto option that is customizable
  • Two batteries included
  • Portable and easy to operate


  • Alarm irritates pets when it beeps, staying in touch with the pet

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What Makes a Dog Thermometer?

If you want to know the best thermometer for dogs, you have to learn what features make the dog thermometer. Yes, some specialized features like soft and flexible tips, strong material, temperature range, etc. These prominent points are responsible for making a thermometer only for pets. So let’s know those facts.


You have to handle an animal. So, it is a particular matter as it is tough to calm them and use a thermometer to track the pet’s temperature. As handling a dog is tough, inserting a thermometer in the dog’s anus or ear is also challenging. The thermometer should be flexible and robust material made so that you can handle that easily. The material should be comfortable for dogs too. 

Temperature Range

Dogs have a high body temperature as an average temperature. They are not like human beings. So, a human thermometer is not enough for your pets. The dog thermometer has a high-temperature range up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit at least. It is another specialty of a pet thermometer.


Dog thermometers are designed so that pets do not have any pain or harm when inserting the tip into their ear or rectum. Most of the brands construct their pet thermometer with a flexible and soft probe. The size of these probes should also be perfect that enter a proper distance but not more than that. The long probe can hurt dogs. So, check the size of the probe too.


It is essential to be waterproof for a dog thermometer. Since it is used for animals, it is necessary to maintain hygiene. If the thermometer is made of waterproof material, you can easily wash it using water and soap. You also can wash it with alcohol. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is about your pet, not any human being. So, you have to be careful and precise about all the confusion in your mind. Let’s know the answer to the question in our minds.

1. Can a human thermometer work for a pet?

Ans: Some thermometers can work for pets or dogs. But it is not hygienic. Many thermometers are specially designed for dogs. So you should go for those. Besides, rectal temperature tracking for dogs is known to have correctness deeply. So you should not use the human thermometer for the pet’s rectal use.

2. When should you use the pet thermometer?

Ans: Some symptoms show the need for temperature tracking. Suppose your dogs have red eyes, lack of energy, dry nose or warm nose, shivering, coughing, vomiting, loss of appetite, warm ears, etc. You should start to track the temperature and check if your dog is suffering from fever.

3. What is the standard average temperature of a dog’s body:

Ans: The standard temperature pointed as average body temperature for dogs and most pets range from 101.o degrees to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Some dogs may have a bit low or high temperature than their average body temperature. But the dog must not have a body temperature lower than 99 degrees and higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Why the dog gets high temperature in their head sometimes?

Ans: It is normal. The dog has an excellent capability to regulate its body temperature. At times, they transfer their warm blood cells to their head and cooling their body. So if you pet him at that particular time, you will feel that their head is warm. It is not fever, and you do not have to worry about that. 

5. What is the preferable thermometer for vets?

Ans: Most vets prefer a rectal digital pet thermometer. Mercury and digital thermometers are cheaper than other pet thermometers. Besides, the rectal use of pet thermometers provides the most accuracy in the temperature reading. That is why they prefer rectal thermometers.

6. Are infrared thermometers suitable for a pet?

Ans: Infrared thermometers are faster than others and also hands-off devices. In terms of accuracy in temperature tracking, it is not recommended widely. Most of the vets do not suggest using it either. 

Final Words

Dogs are the member of our family. Unfortunately, they cannot tell us about their health problems. So we have to take proper care. Checking their body temperature, even if they do not seem sick, is necessary. It is because they can fall ill even when they are not showing it. They like to play all time until they are bedridden. 

The best dog thermometer can do your job in an instant. When the thermometer is fast, taking care of your dogs is easy and simple. Get a dog thermometer and use it if your dog is sick and also when he is not.



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