Best Baby Rectal Thermometer

The 10 Best Baby Rectal Thermometer in 2021

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Since fever is the first symptom of various diseases, temperature tracing is the first step for the detection of any disease. When your baby is sick, you must worry. You should relax and track temperature at a regular interval. Doctors diagnose the disease or health condition by checking the fever temperature from time to time. 

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The most critical matter for diagnosing the temperature depends on a thermometer. For the first three years of a baby, taking temperature by inserting the thermometer in the baby rectum is the recommended way. Therefore, you should get the best baby rectal thermometer to get track of your baby’s fever.

Considering the essential features, choosing a rectal thermometer for your bay is a crucial matter. You will have the top 10 rectal thermometers on this page, which reduces the hassle of searching for the best thermometer. Select one and grab it as soon as you can.

Best Baby Rectal Thermometer

You may have to measure temperature frequently. It doesn’t seem very easy to do the same job so often. Most of the baby rectal thermometers have unique features that ease your job. You can track temperature fast without hassle. To have those supportive features, you have to find one thermometer that serves the best. Let’s explore the features of the top rectal thermometer for babies and choose one.

1. Digital Frida Baby Rectal Thermometer

FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer
  • FEVER OR FINE IN A FLASH: Delivers a 10 second quick read
  • KEEP YOUR COOL: Parent-proof rectal insertion stopper to keep you from inserting too far, and...
  • TUSH TEMP: AAP recommends that for at least the first year of baby’s life (though up to three...

Taking the temperature of babies should be safe and straightforward. It should make a safe feel for babies. FridaBaby comes with a digital thermometer that is safe for children. It assures to provide a quick reading that reduces the irritation for children. You will get a precise temperature of your baby’s body within only 10 seconds. 

If you mistakenly insert extra length into your baby’s rectum, it would hurt them. Frida baby rectal thermometer has an insertion stopper that lets you enter only that much length of the thermometer, which is perfect for taking a temperature without causing any harm to your child. 

A large display is there in this thermometer to take a baby’s temperature that is easy to see and read. A backlight is included in the display to make it easy to see the temperature reading at night. It is a necessary item as you have to monitor baby fever every two hours. 

This thermometer is easy to use and handle. The parent-proof design makes it flexible to check the temperature of your baby correctly. It is latex-free and BPA-free. You will love to use this thermometer. Precision in reading is ensured. You can clean this thermometer easily too. The waterproof feature lets you keep it safe for a long. 

The most fantastic function of this thermometer is that it can record up to 10 temperature readings. It will help the doctor with proper medication and suggestions for your child. With this thermometer, you will also have a carrier case. It ensures safe storage. So, have this thermometer and monitor your baby’s temperature accurately.


  • Fast temperature reading
  • Rectal insertion stopper for comfort and ease
  • Water-resistant material made structure
  • Large display with backlight for night vision


  • Though it is water-resistant, you cannot swallow it for the battery safety

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2. Enji Prime Fever Rectal Thermometer

Fast 10 Seconds Body Fever Thermometer for Adults, Children, Kids, Infants, Babies and Pets. Oral, Rectal and Underarm, Digital Termometro, Memory Recall, Auto Power Off and Fever Alert, F and C
  • One Thermometer For All: Fast and accurate, easy to use and clean, soft and flexible; this...
  • Accurate Fast Reading Termometro: This is what you need to have during emergencies. This...
  • Easy To Read: Features a large LCD display in high definition so you can easily see your...

Enji prime thermometer comes with a clean cage, necessary batteries, and a probe cover. You can safely store your thermometer by covering the probe in the case. It will be intact for a more extended period. The soft part of the thermometer makes it so comfortable for the baby that it does not feel any harsh touch when taking temperature. 

Temperature tracking is quick so that you can have the temperature reading before the child understands anything. It goes and provides temperature within 10 to 30 seconds in an instant. You can decide if you have to go to the hospital now or to take a rest. It is easy and simple. This thermometer is not only for baby rectal use even it is perfect for everyone in the family. An advanced sensory is added to the probe of this thermometer which assures the precise temperature reading. 

To understand the reading in one look, the display is enough large and clear. Even children can detect the temperature by seeing the display. You can track temperature in both degrees- Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can use this thermometer for oral and rectal use. It is perfectly compatible with all types of use. The construction material is safe for your baby’s skin. There is a button to on and off the thermometer, and it helps in flexible use. It also increases the battery life. Grab it as fast as you can.


  • Fast temperature tracker
  • Accuracy is sure
  • Jumbo display to read and understand the reading fats
  • Within the soap and water, you can clean it


  • It is not suitable for calibration as it is already calibrated at manufacturing time

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3. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer with Short Tip

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer Baby Thermometer for Rectal Temperature, Short and Flexible Tip with Fast Read Times and Large Digital Display
  • RECTAL THERMOMETER FOR BABIES: The short, flexible tip makes this baby thermometer gentle and...
  • DIGITAL THERMOMETER: Digital thermometers provide fast, easy to read temperatures so you can...
  • VICKS THERMOMETERS: Vicks helps you help your family feel better and get healthy during a cold...

When a baby is caught by fever, it becomes challenging. The frustration comes automatically out of tension. Vicks baby rectal thermometer is a perfect solution to handle the situation. If you want to give proper medical suggestions or medication, monitoring the fever temperature is a must. If it is not correct, your doctor may fail to give the proper medication. Vicks thermometer uses an advanced sensor to track the temperature. The accuracy is sure. 

You cannot deny the importance of temperature monitoring. High fever is responsible for many health conditions, including seasonal sickness, flu, infections, etc. When doctors track the temperature and observe temperature ups and downs, they understand and predict the diseases. On that basis, they may perform some tests and gives medications. So, the initiative is temperature tracking. 

Vicks comes with a thermometer with a flexible probe that is a safe and comfortable feel maker for your baby. The probe is shorter in size that is also very supportive for babies. The compact design with all advanced features will get the temperature from time to time accurately. The extensive numerical presentation of the reading is obvious to understand.


  • Flexible to use in the rectum of baby
  • Digital reading is fast and accurate
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Short probe for best ease


  • Do not show the reading in multiple units

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4. Boncare Oral and Baby Rectal Thermometer

Thermometer, Oral Thermometer for Adults, Digital Thermometer for Fever
  • Thermometer of fast reading: Get your accurate temperature reading within 60 seconds for oral...
  • Digital thermometer for fever: Intellengent digital thermometer for adults and baby with...
  • Oral thermometer with soft head: flexible head designed with soft and safe material, which can...

Tracking temperature is an entirely hassle-free job when you have a Boncare baby rectal thermometer. The button functions help in handling this job in an instant. You can switch Fahrenheit to Celsius when you like. In both units, an accurate temperature reading is proper. You can get on and off this thermometer ideally. There will be no charge loss due to the late stopping of the device. When you see the power sign, it means that the device is on. 

A fantastic fact is the fever alert by the beeping alarm. If the temperature is more than 100.04 degrees Celsius or 37.8 degrees Fahrenheit, this alarm will alert you for high fever. The soft and hygiene-made material makes this thermometer safe and comfortable for the baby. The rectal insertion of a thermometer may feel very unusual or irritating for babies. They become very unpleasant. The soft probe makes them comfortable.

It provides temperature reading faster than the traditional thermometer. In addition, the digital sensor offers the best accuracy. To secure your baby health, you should buy this thermometer as a great help in tough times.


  • Multiple position use including oral, rectal, and axillary
  • Support both units in reading
  • Provides digital support by buttons
  • Beeping alarm for high temperature


  • Slower comparatively

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5. Femometer Fast Oral and Rectal Thermometer

Thermometer for Fever, Oral Thermometer for Adults, Baby Thermometers, Medical Oral Underarm Rectal Temperature, Fast and Accurate, Unit Switch, Memory Record
  • Fast and Accurate Reading: Fast measurement, normally is 0.8-1.2 minutes. This baby thermometer...
  • Wide Range of Use: Works for orally, rectally and in armpit. It is suitable for all ages,...
  • Indicator: When the measured value is lower than 32 degree, the display shows Lo ℃/ Lo ℉;...

Get the Femometer thermometer and use it in a wide variety of situations. This is included in the best baby rectal thermometer for its accuracy and fast temperature-providing feature. Many doctors or consultants prefer the Femometer thermometer for the easy handling, comfortable feel for the patients, and accuracy of the reading. You can use this thermometer orally or underarms to trace temperature. The most challenging job is to track temperature in the rectum. This thermometer makes it easy too. 

There is an alarm for alerting in high temperatures. It helps in detecting the temperature in the most challenging situation. This thermometer runs through the battery power. If you mistakenly forget to shut down this device, it has an automatic shutting option that stops the thermometer after 10 minutes of inactivity. There is a memory saving option that saves the last temperature reading. It helps in recording temperature thoroughly. 

Besides babies, you can use this thermometer for adults, elders, and even pets. For this multi-use option, you will love this thermometer as the excellent support for your difficult situation. The display is also very convenient and straightforward. Anybody can understand it. 


  • The precise result every time
  • Multiple-use in a variety of lives
  • Memory to show the last reading after starting 
  • Alerting option for the high temperature


  • No safe storing options

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6. ANMEATE-US Touchless Infrared Rectal Thermometer

Thermometer for Adults,Touchless Digital Infrared Thermometer for Fever, Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Baby and Kids, with LCD Screen, Memory Recall, Fever Alarm (White)
  • FAST READINGS & EASY TO USE - Readings in 1 second, a pouch to keep your thermometer clean,...
  • Reliable and Accurate - Our forehead thermometer comes with a German Hyman thermoelectric...
  • Multiple Functions - Temporal thermometer comes with a fever alarm system, display...

When you have a grave situation handling your baby fever, you may need a fast temperature tracker. ANMEATE-US brings the super-fast thermometer that provides temperature reading within only 1 second. Sounds impossible? But it is that quick. That is why customers like this thermometer so much. Professionals like to use this thermometer too. As it is quick in providing the reading, it is also accurate. There can be a difference up to ± 2 degrees only. 

As the temperature reading is essential, the manufacturers also put importance on this precision. The thermoelectric reactor technology uses an infrared sensor for tracking temperature, and it assures precision in reading. In addition, there is a precision microprocessor to recorrect the result. It is built on the ambient temperature compensation sensor to make a strong base for tracing temperature. 

For a better understanding of the temperature result, this thermometer alarms. It sounds and shows temperature in three colors to show three standards. The green signal means the average temperature, the orange is for a slight fever, and the red alarm means a high fever. Thus, even someone with common knowledge can understand the reading.

Another function that makes it the best rectal thermometer baby fit is memorizing and saving 35 sets of readings. You can easily show the previous temperature. The non-slip design is easy to use, and you can trace the temperature even at night by the backlight. So, have this excellent thermometer and be safe.


  • Non-slip and easy to handling design
  • Backlight for the night vision 
  • Memory for 35 sets of temperature reading record
  • Explanatory alarm settings
  • Provide reading in only one second


  • Must follow the manual as wrong use can provide the wrong result

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7. QQcute Fast Digital Thermometer

QQcute Digital Body Thermometer - Clinical Basic Thermometer with Accurate and Fast Readings - Underarm, Oral, Rectal Thermometer for Newborns, Babies, Kids, and Adults
  • ✔RELIABLE AND FAST READING – QQcute digital body thermometer provides reliable and fast...
  • ✔OPTIMIZED TO FLU SEASON– With a clear LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), it’s easy for you to...
  • ✔CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE – Very easy to use, just need to press a key to take temperatures,...

Accuracy of the temperature reading is the most important fact for a thermometer. QQcute clinically tested their thermometer before providing them to the market. It takes the body temperature smoothly and offers precise results. For serving the better result, there is no compromise in another field. Of course, you will have to read faster. The temperature sensing part of this device follows advanced technology, which helps to get temperature quickly.

This thermometer is light in weight and flexible to handle. So, you can move with this thermometer. The portability of this device support tackling any situation anywhere. It has the Liquid Crystal Display to show the temperature reading clean and clear. You will have the reading within only one second that lets you take the doctor’s advice in time. The construction material is safe and perfect for baby skin. Your baby does not feel any pain while you take the temperature from its rectum.

There is a voice prompt to alert you for high temperatures and critical situations. Taking Care of your sick baby is not too harsh anymore. After tracking the correct temperature from time to time, you will make proper disease control with your consultant’s advice. 


  • LCD for better projection of temperature reading
  • Safe for baby skin
  • Highly portable for different use
  • Quick reading


  • Instruction is not clear enough to understand

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8. Happy Care Oral and Rectal Thermometer 

Enji comes with a happy care thermometer for comfortable rectal temperature tracking. If your baby has an unpleasant experience, he will not allow you to take the temperature for the next time. But you have to take fever temperature at a regular time interval to diagnose the disease. Happy Care has a soft and short probe to give a pleasant feel while taking temperature readings. So the baby won’t feel pain or harm.

This thermometer comes with five probe cover and a storage case. So, keeping it safe for long-term use is sure. There is one battery included as a starter. You do not have to buy other supporting things to use and store this thermometer. The design is as such that you can clean it anytime. As you will use this thermometer for rectal use, you may have to clean it every time. It is wonderful.

Other than the rectal use, you can also use it for oral or axillary positions. The reading comes within 10 to 30 seconds. The waterproof material increases the flexibility of use. For example, you may like to have a temperature reading in Fahrenheit, and your family member may like the Celsius unit. You can have both the temperature unit by switching one button. It is easy to use and simple to operate.


  • Accurate reading
  • Comfortable for rectal use
  • Waterproof and robust build material
  • Flexible performance


  • Sometimes, the temperature differs to 5 degrees

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9. Zalik Digital Oral and Rectal Fever Thermometer

Digital Themometer for Baby Children and Adults, LCD Oral Themometer for Fever Oral and Rectal Fever Indicator
  • HIGH-ACCURACY FAMILY DIGITAL THERMOMETER — Fast & Accurate reading in 10 seconds.
  • HYGIENIC & SAFE ORAL THERMOMETER — Designed with a SPECIALIZED flexible tip, our digital...
  • INTELLIGENT FUNCTIONING — Our Digital thermometer (medical) has smart features like LCD...

Zalik thermometer is a perfect rectal thermometer for baby that is hygienic and safe for baby skin. Babies do not have any pain, and there is no chance of harming your baby. It is excellent for your baby in every way as you may need to clean the device after each use. This thermometer is waterproof, and this feature helps in easy cleaning. You also can store it OK. No moisture from cold weather can harm this thermometer, and you can use it for long. 

This thermometer is made of non-toxic material that allows you to be worry-free. You can take temperature within 10 seconds. Taking temperature frequently will not make you tired when you use this faster thermometer. Besides, it is light and concise in the design. This increases portability. You can have this thermometer to get better accuracy in the output. 

This device is full of supportive features. The LCD backlight let you can track and see the temperature at night vision. The beeping alert option will signal if it exceeds the average body temperature. The auto shut down option reduces battery usage. The memory storing option will allow you to know the last reading. So, it is an excellent help in a challenging situation.


  • Highly portable for its light-weight
  • Waterproof and robust construction material
  • Backlight and memory function
  • Auto-shut option for increased battery life


  • Sometimes, it becomes slow to reach the temperature reading

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10. Geratherm Classic Rectal Baby Thermometer

Geratherm Mercury Free Rectal Thermometer for Temperature Measurement
  • Geratherm mercury free rectal thermometer is a dual scale fahrenheit and celsius.

To provide a precise temperature reading, Geratherm comes with a classic but mercury-free thermometer. It is made of glass, and you will see and understand the temperature reading clearly. The scale mentions both temperature units- Celsius and Fahrenheit, in a similar style. Thus, there is no hassle to switch any button for changing the unit option or other things. Traditionally, set the thermometer into the baby rectum and get the temperature within 1 to 3 minutes. 

Since mercury is a harmful substance in the open air, this thermometer made modifications and used zinc instead of mercury. This thermometer does not provide any temperature differences, whereas the digital thermometer can make a difference in reading up to 2 degrees. So, the accuracy and reliability are sure. As this is an analog thermometer, you do not have to worry about battery failure. 

This thermometer comes with a full cover or case. So, the glass body will stay safe inside the casing. You can store it for a long without any tension as the glass is rust-free material. You can keep it as a backup plan for a digital thermometer or even use it for all-time use. It is an excellent gift for mothers of babies or pregnant. 


  • High longevity
  • Classical process of use
  • Mercury-free material made function inside
  • Correctness of reading is sure


  • Slower than another thermometer

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Buyer’s Guide for Rectal Thermometer

When you better understand the prominent features of a rectal thermometer, it will be easy for you to choose a device. Know the essential points that need to be considered while going to buy the thermometer.


If the temperature reading is not accurate, then there is no value of that thermometer. Whatever features the thermometer has, it must provide an accurate reading. The priority and necessity are the correctness of temperature. So, check on that before buying it.

Sometimes, a thermometer shows the correct temperature only for the first few tracks. It is not enough. Is it? The thermometer is expected to provide a temperature reading perfectly every single time. Some thermometers use advanced sensors for assuring the correctness of temperature readings. Check on that.

Easy Handling

It is hard to track temperature frequently, especially when you have to do it for a baby. Therefore, you should check the operation procedure when you buy it. The thermometer should be easy to use, even for rectal insertion. As you will use it for rectal use, you should confirm that you can clean it easily. 


 If an ear thermometer is used for rectal position, it will do wrong. You must be sure that you are buying a thermometer that is best suited for the rectal use of a baby. Rectal use is quite irritating. But it becomes hassle-free for babies with some advanced features. Look for those.


If your thermometer is fast, your hassle of tracking temperature will minimize. Most digital thermometers can trace temperature within 10 seconds. Analog thermometers take 1 to 3 minutes to measure the temperature. So if you like to be fast, you should go for digital thermometers. 

Temperature Measuring Unit

Almost all thermometer measure temperature and shows in both types of the unit- Celsius and Fahrenheit. The preference for these unit types varies in different countries or locations. For example, the Fahrenheit unit is preferable in America, and the Celsius unit can be preferable to other areas. If the thermometer has both units, it will be flexible to use and read the reading. Check if there is both the unit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You should not have any confusion while you are going to use a baby rectal thermometer. Get the answers to your questions in mind.

1. Why should babies use a rectal thermometer?

Ans: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should track temperature for babies and toddlers by inserting the thermometer into the anus or rectum. Rectally tracking temperature provides better accuracy in reading. As the recommendation says, you should trace the baby’s temperature rectally for three years.

2. What temperature is average when taken rectally?

Ans: The average rectal temperature for a baby is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. How to set thermometer rectally for baby’s temperature track?

Ans: At first, place your baby over his stomach on a flat surface or your lap. Now softly spread the bum of your baby and place the thermometer probe. Be very gentle and insert only an inch of the thermometer probe. If you feel that it is dry or hard to insert, do not do it. You must not force the thermometer into the bay rectum. It will be painful for him. You may use some suitable lubricant before inserting it.

4. How is the rectal temperature reading?

Ans: the rectal temperature is high. It is 0.5 degrees to degrees Fahrenheit higher than an oral temperature. This is the correct temperature reading.

5. What is the best lubricant for using a rectal thermometer?

Ans: A water-based lubricant is the best option for a rectal thermometer, especially for a baby. Do not use petroleum jelly or Vaseline as it may provide the wrong temperature result.  

6. What is the difference between rectal and regular thermometers?

Ans: The baby thermometers are suitable for adults, but some adult thermometers may not suit babies. Babies and toddlers have soft skin and a tiny anus. That is why manufacturers design thermometers for babies, especially with a short and soft tip.

Final Words

When analyzing the fever temperature is the most crucial part to handle the complex situation of your baby, you should grab the best baby rectal thermometer. The thermometer must have updated features to support baby-friendly operation.

In this list presented above, you can see the detail of features that will help you choose the correct one for your baby. Mind that your bay should not be irritated or scared while using the thermometer rectally. Be gentle when using the rectal thermometer for your baby.



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