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The Heat is On:

Log on for temperature-related news and trivia, home heating and cooling resources, and a temperature conversion table.

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Temperature World

Temperature news, resources and links. A Barnes & Nobel Associate, this award winning general information site is a one stop shop for temperature news. Includes information on the earth and environment, health, science, materials, standards, and sensors and controls.

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"hi, im a 15 year old from australia and just wanted to thanks you for helping me with my science major work assignment which is due next week. You had all the information i needed in a very easy to read fashion. I'm sure the information will help to save someone's life someday. I have my own site and realise the difficulty in presenting the information in the most accessable way, and i think you acheived this very well."

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You asked how we found your web page. It was very simple. You are advertised under "What's New" on our Netscape Commuicator's Home Page. This is also to let you know that we enjoyed your site. We love to surf for interesting and informative sites as yours. Good Luck. VGriffin and Family.

Temperature World

Thank you for all your help on my thermometer report. We got a 98 from a tough teacher.

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Dear Alan Parker,
I wrote to you for help with a Science experiment on batteries a while ago. My experiment was the effect of temperature on batteries. It was for my school Science Fair. We have a large school and I am in 6th grade. there are about 190 6th graders, so I didn't think that I had a chance of winning any awards but had a great time with the experiment. It turned out that I won 1st place in the school and second place in the County. I froze some batteries and some of them I heated. the cold batteries were the ones that returned to normal the fastest.

David Ross


Great website:
Very helpful to mechanical engineer folks like me. Thanks for your efforts!

Ted Kohlenberger, Project Engineer
Los Angeles, CA

Temperature World

Temperature news, resources and links are found in this website. Visitors can access data on world weather, world temperature extremes, climate data as well as current issues like El Nino and Global Warming. The section on House and Home includes useful information on insulation and the use of solar energy. The section, Science, Technology and Materials provides links to various institutions involved in thermal studies. There is also a section giving industry and research news on sensors, heaters, controls and instrumentation. Besides all this, there is also a section on general interest and thermal fun stuff.

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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - or log on to this Web site for temperature-related news and trivia, home heating and cooling resources, and a temperature conversion table.

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Temperature World

Temperature World provides related news, resources & links on this topic and some very interesting articles on the various effects of temperature change.

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