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Temperature Converter - Converts degrees F, C & K Temperature World

Minco SensorCalc - "RTD Calc", "Heater Calc" & "Thermocouple Calc". Generate temperature vs. resistance and temperature vs. millivolt tables. Minco SensorCalc

Conversion of Units Converts just about anything. Conversion of Units

Calibration Toolbox Calibration Management software for scientists and engineers. Caliso Software

WebElements Element Thermal & Thermodynamic properties, Melting point, Boiling point, Critical temperature, Thermal conductivity, Coefficient of thermal expansion. This only skims the surface of what this site offers ! University of Sheffield, England

Free Utility Software Convert hundreds of scientific and engineering units. Calculate heat requirements, warmup wattage, conductive losses and more. Generate resistance / temperature tables for any RTD, standard or custom. Minco Reference Library

Feedback and Temperature Control types of feedback, tuning a PID controller, control theroy & more. University of Exeter

What Is PID Tutorial Overview Expertune

Chemfinder Find a compounds melting or boiling temperature and more. CS ChemFinder